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  • Ume Tonya Plum Juice Concentrate

    Ume Tonya Plum Juice Concentrate

    Summer is here but now that most of the world is still on lockdown, we’ve got to make the best of it. I’m enjoying the sun and my home-made Ume Tonya Plum Juice Concentrate from our little balcony. It’s a fast and simple way to get my summer holiday fix.Ume Tonya Plum Juice Concentrate is […]

  • A Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island

    A Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island

    Sentosa, meaning peace and tranqulity in Malay, is a little island off shore from Singapore that consists of a host of attractions, mega hotels, bars, Universal Studios Singapore, a casino and 3 beaches located at the southwestern coast of the island, each one catering to different crowds. I’ve spent a great deal of my youth […]

  • What’s in My Beach Bag

    What’s in My Beach Bag

    I use to go to the beach alone quite often to tan, read a book or just be one with the sun, sand and sea. But I haven’t done so in a long time. So while in the midst of writing Love Bella Vida’s Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island, I was inspired to […]

  • Whatever Floats Your Flamingo

    Whatever Floats Your Flamingo

    The latest summer fashion accessory is not an oversized sunglass, a big floppy hat or a sunkissed tan (although having these will add to your cute factor). It’s a Pool Floatie and my floatie of choice to take to our Island Paradise Getaway in Rayavadee is Mr. Flamenco from Floaty Floats. Match your summer outfit […]

  • Maldives 2013: My Weekend in Paradise

    Maldives 2013: My Weekend in Paradise

    Would you believe if I said that this trip was impromptu? About 3weeks before the long Eid and National Day weekend came, I told Mama, “Where can I escape to this year?” and she replied, “Lets go to an island paradise”. Our initial plan was to go to Phuket. But flight and accomodation cost were […]

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