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  • Wedding Perfume: Annick Goutal Rose Splendide

    Wedding Perfume: Annick Goutal Rose Splendide

    A long awaited purchase, I finally got my wedding perfume after months of contemplation. The perfume of choice for the grandest stage in my life goes to Annick Goutal Rose Splendide. This post will touch on: Why you should have a Wedding Perfume My Perfume Story with Annick Goutal Rose Splendide Fragrance Notes Unboxing and […]

  • The Charm Bracelet

    The Charm Bracelet

    Jewelleries are beautiful things. Unlike clothes, you don’t have to worry about growing fat and almost every piece you own has a sentimental value. Well, for me at least. And of all the pieces I own, my charm bracelet is my most valuable. Every charm hanging from my bracelet has a story – my story. […]

  • A Glimpse of Destiny

    A Glimpse of Destiny

    On another late afternoon in 2012, I walked over to the same concrete seat to have my lunch during my one hour break. That lunch consisted of two slices of Egg & Mayonnaise sandwich with a small carton of HL milk to help me last through my late shift at the restaurant. I loved that […]

  • Thirty on Thirty: Surprise, Surprise

    Thirty on Thirty: Surprise, Surprise

    Ok, so #30on30 has got to be over a week old already. But the weeks event will never be old to me because, duh, it was my big 3-O; the dinners and surprises. And the biggest surprise of them all – the proposal! On my 30th, literally, my 30th, you know, my 30th being on 30th September? […]

  • Elastic Heart

    Elastic Heart

    Dress: H&M Lyrics by Sia Makeup by Isabelle Rosta Reference: Elastic Heart Music Video

  • Guerlain Meteorites & Terracotta

    Guerlain Meteorites & Terracotta

    Being a makeup junkie, I like to try on different products. But after all the switching and playing around, there are those that you will always fall back on. These are the two products that I have used and cheated on several times but somehow end up coming back to – The Meteorites and Terracotta […]

  • Skin Profile and Story

    Skin Profile and Story

    This is the beginning of My Skin Report. At first, I was a little reluctant to share it because my skin has always been my biggest concern. Every girl has their own concerns, most girls I know are concern about their weight whereas for me, it’s the condition of my skin. So the thought of […]

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