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  • Werner’s Oven Authentic German Delights

    Werner’s Oven Authentic German Delights

    Last week, Shine and myself were invited to have a taste of authentic German food right here in Singapore! Being meat lovers, we couldn’t pass off the chance, what more since Oktoberfest is coming up. Werner’s Oven is a family business and got it’s name from Werner Hochbaum, the founder of this charming restaurant. It […]

  • The Wedding Ceremony

    The Wedding Ceremony

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the big day is finally here. Our jouney to this day was not an easy one, we had to go through many hurdles to be together. I believe fate led us to each other and it’s funny how people from two different backgrounds can fall in love and become […]

  • Yi Zhen Reflexology

    Yi Zhen Reflexology

    I’m back with another review of a massage parlour but this time, I’m trying traditional Chinese reflexology at Yi Zhen Reflexology, a small homely parlour located at the heart of Bishan with the help of Jess (whatjess1023). The Art of Chinese Foot Reflexology Chinese Reflexology is an ancient art and is believed that pressure points […]

  • The Peranakan High Tea

    The Peranakan High Tea

    Over the past weekend, I was invited for a High Tea session at The Peranakan Singapore. Being a Singaporean and a big history buff, I have always been intrigued about the vibrant and very unique culture of the Peranakans and was very excited to have a taste of their cuisine as Peranakans are known to […]

  • Our Bridal Suite at The Fullerton Hotel

    Our Bridal Suite at The Fullerton Hotel

    During our 2 day Wedding affair, we had the opportunity to book a stay for my bridesmaids in The Heritage Room and our bridal suite at The Fullerton Suite where we made lots of memories with our friends and family. We loved it so much, we spent the nights throughout our stay in here! Let […]

  • Platform 1094 Harry Potter Cafe

    Platform 1094 Harry Potter Cafe

    It was a cold wet windy morning and the rain just came pouring down suddenly out of the blue while I was making my way to this quaint little cafe tucked along a stretch of shop houses. Talk about witchery. Thank goodness the rain eventually stopped and we all had a great time swishing about […]

  • Registration of Marriage

    So we’ve finally registered to get married last week online. Basically it was a 5 pages long process that requires us to fill in personal details like our IC number, education level, occupation, marital status (in case you were divorced, etc) and your two witnesses. Friends have already started asking questions so this calls for […]

  • Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay

    Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay

    The Tulipmania exhibition this year takes it’s inspiration from one of the Netherland’s most celebrated artists, Vincent van Gogh with some of his famed artwork like ‘Self Portrait with Straw Hat’ and ‘The Starry Night’ come to life with tulips! Saturday 1 April – Sunday 7 May 2017 Vincent Van Gogh was a painter who […]

  • Table Seating

    Table seating is done! Our tables for the Fullerton Reception are in a pack of 10 so I’ve grouped people who are in a family, in the same clique of friends or close to each other in one table. Besides, the Straits Room is small so it’s easy for everyone to mingle. Your table numbers […]

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