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  • Ask for the Moon with Chanel No.5

    Ask for the Moon with Chanel No.5

    2022 will be 10 years since I changed my life. It has been a whole decade. My life has changed so much that most people in it now have no idea. I almost wouldn’t have met and married the love of my life. Almost did not get to travel. Almost did not get to build […]

  • 50 Shades of Me

    50 Shades of Me

    Write a note with 50 random things, facts, thoughts, habits, or goals about you. My name is Isabelle Rosta. I’m half Malay and half Ceylonese. I am my parents’ first child out of their 4 children. My Western horoscope is the Libra. My Chinese horoscope is the Ox. I was born and raised in Singapore. My […]

  • Thoughts of a Bride-to-Be

    Thoughts of a Bride-to-Be

    I cannot believe it is already 2016 – the year we will be planning our wedding. Our dateline of sitting in the ‘We’ve Just Got Engaged’ bubble is almost up, time to actually make things happen, no more procrastinating. Shine and myself will be hosting our wedding. Hence, we will both be saving and planning […]

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