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  • We’re Engaged

    We’re Engaged

    I’ve been in a state of shock since last night. I do not know exactly where to begin or what exactly I’m suppose to do. I was totally not expecting this. “But you’ve already got a house! How can you not know?”. Well, I know for certain I will marry him, without a doubt, in a…

  • 100 Reasons Why I Love Shine

    100 Reasons Why I Love Shine

    An old picture of us making silly faces taken in 2013. He is a caring man. His gorgeous smile. His dark tanned skin. He fights off cockroaches for me. He wishes me good morning with a verse every morning. He doesn’t control me. He doesn’t stop me from upgrading my skills. He lets me make…

  • A Letter to Yourself

    A Letter to Yourself

    Write a letter to yourself at the lowest point of your life.

  • Twenty Nine

    Twenty Nine

    It was my birthday last week and I just turned 29 (I still cannot believe this). And wow, how fast is this year passing by? I use to get all excited for my birthday but as I age, I realise I’m avoiding it. The worry of getting old is sinking in. I decided that I…

  • Things Every Girl Should Know

    Here is a list of things I’ve learned from life so far.  I wish to share them with as many girls as possible. Feel free to print it out and save it to your favourites. Like and subscribe to support.

  • The Princess and the Frogs

    The Princess and the Frogs

    You must’ve heard the story of The Princess and the Frog. I’ve heard it way back when I was little from our big book of Fairy Tales. My mother would read a story to me every other night before I went to bed until I could learn to read myself. For the benefit of those…

  • Protected: My Fort Siloso

    Protected: My Fort Siloso

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • The Dream Guy

    The Dream Guy

    I have been frequently asked this question – “What’s the kinda guy you’re looking for?“. Lets see. I’ve never really asked myself this question mostly since I was with one man for almost half of my life so far. And now having had my heart broken and state of livelihood in a tangled mess, it’s…

  • Bella Vida

    Bella Vida

    So here I am. Back to the start. In a matter of just a year, my world came crashing down. I have lost a man whom I have spent 12 years of my life with. I watched my bestfriends whom I thought will never leave walkaway. The broken dreams of having the perfect family reminded by…

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