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  • How to Style a Two-Piece Set

    How to Style a Two-Piece Set

    Two-Piece Sets are back in a big way in 2022! I’ve already bagged a few for different occasions. But this Zaria 2-in-1 from Tracyeinny makes the whole look so put-together and they are so versatile. You can wear them together or wear a different top with the bottom and vice-versa. Throw in a pair of […]

  • Daniel Wellington Lookbook 2021

    Daniel Wellington Lookbook 2021

    Men’s Classic Reading in Rose GoldIconic Link Black in Rose GoldElan Unity Necklace in Rose Gold Iconic Link Emerald in Rose GoldEmalie Bracelet Dusty RoseEmalie Ring Dusty Rose Petite Bondi in Rose GoldElan Unity Bracelet in Rose Gold Petite Pressed SterlingElevation Necklace in Silver Quadro Pressed Sheffield in Rose GoldElevation Necklace in Rose Gold Quadro […]

  • Anywhere with Gaston Luga Parlan

    Anywhere with Gaston Luga Parlan

    My first Gaston Luga bag was the Classic Black Backpack and since then, I live in backpacks. I carried my Classic Black to any travel destination since and for jobs onsite because it’s so convenient and roomy, I could just throw in anything and go. The world has changed since 2018. Travel plans have been […]

  • Walk Your Talk with STAND

    Walk Your Talk with STAND

    Making my stand with my very own STAND footwear – a pair of open-toe block heels from the exclusive Ruffles Collection in cream. Chic, feminine with a touch of dreams and most importantly, comfortable and versatile; I believe my STAND pair sums up my style and outlook on life. What Do You STAND For? I […]

  • 2 Ways to Style a Puff Sleeve Blouse

    2 Ways to Style a Puff Sleeve Blouse

    Puff Sleeves from the 80s have made a comeback! As much as I love vintage, I’ve never really taken any inspiration from this decade’s over-the-top style but I was surprisingly drawn to the puff sleeves blouse from watching clips of this year’s Fashion Week. I’ve never been keen to spend my hard earn money on […]

  • Holy Chic

    Holy Chic

    These cross earrings inspired me to come up with this ensemble. Although cross necklaces have been around since the Roman Empire was Christianized, it has become more popular this year especially by Met Gala 2018, brands like Dolce & Gabbana and celebrities like Rihanna donning them. Anyone who’s grown up dancing to Madonna, Prince and […]

  • A Basket Full of Blooms

    A Basket Full of Blooms

    “After women, flowers are the most divine creation.” Christian Dior. A lot of my inspiration for the blog and Instagram comes from flowers and books (and Pinterest too, of course). Recently, I’ve been taking cues from one of my favourite books I’ve acquired – The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior. “After women, flowers […]

  • Tiong Bahru Bakery Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    Tiong Bahru Bakery Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    It was early on a Monday morning when I was scrolling through Instagram for events happening around Singapore when I noticed a pop of Tiffany Blue stand out on the explore page… what, Breakfast at Tiffany’s?! Till when?! I realised it was the last day, woke Shine up and rushed down before the lunch time […]

  • Island Vibes with Palladio

    Island Vibes with Palladio

    Haven’t had enough of summer yet? Me neither! My wardrobe is all about sundresses, big floppy hats, sunnies and it has extended to my makeup! It’s very timely that Palladio sent me more of their makeup and this time, it’s from Palladio’s latest collection that will be available in September. Since you loved the previous […]

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