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  • Holi Rang Barsay at Wavehouse Sentosa

    Holi Rang Barsay at Wavehouse Sentosa

    Holi is the Festival of Colours celebrated in India. It signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, to play and laugh, forget and forgive and repair broken relationships. Singapore’s very own Holi event took place at Wavehouse, Sentosa.Had a super fun time getting drenched in colours. Definitely going again next year. […]

  • Sharing Moments from #MrMrsPrashant

    Sharing Moments from #MrMrsPrashant

    Finally, after months of saving, planning and documenting our whole Wedding Journey together through blogging, photos and video, we’ve finally come to this almost last bit of our entire Wedding Series that we’ve affectionately labelled #MrMrsPrashant. Why #MrMrsPrashant? I wanted a hashtag I could use throughout our marriage, not just our wedding. And of course, […]

  • The Wedding Reception

    The Wedding Reception

    It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon lunch reception that was held at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and not many know that we had to go through many hurdles to have our celebrations held here. We had a tough time deciding on our Reception venue because not many places could check out our requirements within our […]

  • Our Wedding Thank You Note

    Our Wedding Thank You Note

    It’s been a while to really collect ourselves and let everything sink in. We are still waking and wondering, “Holy shit, it actually happened.” It has been an emotional journey, one that has brought moments of hurt and indecision, but an overwhelming amount of triumph and joy. In truth, it might have been possible without […]

  • Makeup Trial & Dress Fitting

    Makeup Trial & Dress Fitting

    Over the last weekend, Shine and I went for our photoshoot outfit fitting and I had my makeup trial accompanied by my mother and bridesmaids. We had so much fun and laughter! Let us share our experience with you. But first… Here are some of the things that I brought for my Makeup Trial & Dress […]

  • My Bridesmaids

    My Bridesmaids

    I would like to make a special announcement on this post – My Bridesmaids. You are without a doubt the one person that I cannot get married without! The person who has literally seen me through the very worst and very best times in my life, probably the only person who can knock some sense into my […]

  • Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort

    Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort

    Last weekend, our dearest Susu had put together a night of fun and surprises at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. It was a small birthday getaway for Mariyah and myself after the crazy months we’ve both had. Shadan and Benna were there too as our ‘presents’ because this party won’t be complete without them. Join us […]

  • Wedding Countdown: One Year to #MrMrsPrashant

    Wedding Countdown: One Year to #MrMrsPrashant

    Exactly a year from today, I will be Mrs Prashant! I don’t know if a year is still a long way but planning our wedding has been one of the biggest headaches projects we’ve ever had to put together thus far. Although we still have a year, we have settled some of the major aspects […]

  • Everyday is Valentines’ Day

    Everyday is Valentines’ Day

    I’ll be straight up honest; I do not like Valentines Day. I think it’s the time of the year retailers mark up their prices, it’s almost impossible to make reservations at restaurants and people walk up to couples to try to get the man to buy a rose for his woman. Eek. I can hear […]

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