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  • How to Overcome Toxic Social Media

    How to Overcome Toxic Social Media

    In 2021, Facebook came under fire for intentionally showing us content to incite anger to keep us on the platforms. Truth is, we all know Facebook’s Instagram in particular, is not just harmful to teenage girls, it’s harmful, period. Take it from me – a 36 year old grown ass woman. I feel crappy whenever […]

  • Does the Number of Followers Really Matter?

    Does the Number of Followers Really Matter?

    In this day and age, everyone is on their phone, laptop and gadgets constantly. Long gone are the days where our only source of entertainment on the bus ride home are your discman and the television playing a repeat episode of Mr Bean and Just for Laughs. Its great because now we don’t have to […]

  • Samsara Wellness

    Samsara Wellness

    Does your back or feet feel sore from all that shopping around Geylang Bazaar? Had a long day at the office? Or may be you’re looking for a good massage before your big durian feast? Why not head down to the newly opened Samsara Wellness for a massage? Let me give you a peak around […]

  • Twenty Nine

    Twenty Nine

    It was my birthday last week and I just turned 29 (I still cannot believe this). And wow, how fast is this year passing by? I use to get all excited for my birthday but as I age, I realise I’m avoiding it. The worry of getting old is sinking in. I decided that I […]

  • Protected: The Four Men in a Woman’s Life

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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