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  • Ask for the Moon with Chanel No.5

    Ask for the Moon with Chanel No.5

    2022 will be 10 years since I changed my life. It has been a whole decade. My life has changed so much that most people in it now have no idea. I almost wouldn’t have met and married the love of my life. Almost did not get to travel. Almost did not get to build […]

  • Chanel Coco Flash Club

    Chanel Coco Flash Club

    Chanel’s Beauty Pop-Up has become kind of a yearly thing for me since Coco Cafe in 2017. Since then, many brands have started doing their own Insta-worthy pop-ups too. I’ve missed quite a handful but I try to make it to Chanel’s cuz it’s themes are always fun and different. This year, it was Coco […]

  • Chanel Coco Game Center

    Chanel Coco Game Center

    Remember the Coco Cafe Beauty Pop-Up by Chanel that I attended last year? Over the weekend, I attended Chanel’s new Pop-Up and this time, its the Coco Game Center complete with arcade games and prizes while you shop for the latest Chanel Beauty products!Upon your arrival, you will be given your Player Starter Kit for […]

  • Chanel Coco Cafe

    Chanel Coco Cafe

    Those of you who are fans of Chanel may have known that they opened a beauty pop-up to celebrate the launch of their latest products from the Cruise Collection, Les Indispensables de L’été, and yours truly managed to have a cup of latte and browse around the much anticipated Coco Café.Address: Coco Cafe, Visual Arts Centre, Dhoby […]

  • 10 Makeup Too Pretty to Use

    10 Makeup Too Pretty to Use

    Have you bought makeup that you end up just staring at because they are just too pretty to touch? These are 10 insanely beautiful products that you will put on display behind glass and never have the heart to use.1. NARS Yachiyo Brush This reminds me of something mystical, like a brush spun by Gods.2. Chanel Illuminating Powder […]

  • Tulle-ing Around

    Tulle-ing Around

    Tulle-ing around the newly opened Capitol Theatre in a Grey Knee-Length number ala Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Top: TEMT Skirt: Love Bella Couture Watch: Marc Jacobs Earrings: Chanel Bag: H&M Heels: Nine West Business Enquiries: Services | lovebellavida@gmail.com Social Media: Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

  • The Little Black Jacket

    The Little Black Jacket

    If you can have one thing from Chanel, what would it be? Most girls will say the bag is on top of their wishlist but I would love to own a Chanel tweed jacket. But unfortunately for me, my funds are limited. So what’s a girl to do? If you can’t afford high-end, get a […]

  • Cherie


    Top: Blogshopping SG Shorts: Cotton On Boots: Forever 21, Beijing Bag: Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Petite Noe Storyline by Isabelle Rosta

  • My Jewellery Collection

    My Jewellery Collection

    Every woman has a piece of jewellery that she loves. Which woman doesn’t love jewellery? It doesn’t have to be diamond encrusted or worth thousands of dollars. In fact, the most treasured pieces are the ones that hold a sentimental value. Maybe it was a piece that you have spend years saving up for? Or […]

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