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  • What If We Met Earlier?

    What If We Met Earlier?

    I met Shine in 2012 on a random weekday evening while I was on the way to class. We were both 27 and were coming out of a troubled time in our lives. Now, Shine and myself are both 31 and planning our wedding. Most couples I know got married in their 20s or married […]

  • 2015 Highlights

    2015 Highlights

    As 2015 comes to an end and we usher in a new year, everyone is busy making resolutions, buying a new planner, getting a new haircut while your Instagram feed is spammed with friends posting their ‘most liked’ or best moments of the year. So here is my contribution. This year was a relatively good year for me and quite […]

  • My Childhood As I Know It

    My Childhood As I Know It

    I always knew I was a little different. Let me give you a brief background of my heritage. I am half Ceylonese from my mother’s side, half Malay from my father’s side. My mother converted and married my father. They have 4 children and I am their eldest. I grew up with my paternal grandparents living […]

  • Protected: With All My Love, Mama

    Protected: With All My Love, Mama

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Thirty on Thirty: Surprise, Surprise

    Thirty on Thirty: Surprise, Surprise

    Ok, so #30on30 has got to be over a week old already. But the weeks event will never be old to me because, duh, it was my big 3-O; the dinners and surprises. And the biggest surprise of them all – the proposal! On my 30th, literally, my 30th, you know, my 30th being on 30th September? […]

  • Thirty on Thirty

    Thirty on Thirty

    Still having a hard time believing that thirty years of my life has passed. And yet, I still feel like I’ve only turned eighteen and theres still so much in life that I’ve yet to accomplish. Thirty on Thirty – because I turn 30 today on the 30th of September (yes, I share the same […]

  • 100 Reasons Why I Love Shine

    100 Reasons Why I Love Shine

    An old picture of us making silly faces taken in 2013. He is a caring man. His gorgeous smile. His dark tanned skin. He fights off cockroaches for me. He wishes me good morning with a verse every morning. He doesn’t control me. He doesn’t stop me from upgrading my skills. He lets me make […]

  • From the Beginning

    From the Beginning

    This is a public announcement service – I am not dead. In fact, I’m very much alive and kicking. Its been awhile since I’ve blogged and I know some of you have been checking back to see if I’ve posted any updates on our HDB balloting results, the Europe trip with my siblings and how […]

  • Protected: Dear Watie

    Protected: Dear Watie

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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