• Trick Eye Museum

    Trick Eye Museum

    Attention all camwhores, step right up! You’ll love what the Trick Eye Museum has to offer. No need to be shy here, pose to your hearts content, most likely the person standing next in line will be glad to copy your pose! Without further a do, lets begin… Spoken like a true ‘Ass Man’. Paris […]

  • Dream in Colour

    Dream in Colour

    Life is an art, paint your dreams. Dress: H&MHat: H&MBag: Longchamp Le PliageWedges: Charles & Keith

  • Live By the Sun, Love By the Moon

    Live By the Sun, Love By the Moon

    You be the sun, I’ll be the moon,Just let your light come shining through,And when night comes, just like the moon,I’ll shine the light right back at you. Makeup: Isabelle RostaModels: Isabelle Rosta and Lisa Rosta

  • The Toad and the Prince

    The Toad and the Prince

    You must’ve heard the story of The Princess and the Toad. I’ve heard it way back when I was little from our big book of Fairy Tales. My mother would read a story to me every other night before I went to bed until I could learn to read myself. For the benefit of those […]

  • Just Believe

    Just Believe

    She believed she could, so she did. Top: H&M BasicsRibbon: Forever 21Skirt: BangkokSandals: Bangkok

  • Taipei 2014: Taipei Trippin (Part II)

    Taipei 2014: Taipei Trippin (Part II)

    On this half of the Taipei Trippin Episode, we explore more of the many unique things Taipei is known for – themed restaurants! This post will feature three – Hello Kitty Sweets, Barbie Restaurant and Modern Toilet Restaurant. Be prepared for a picture heavy post of girly cuteness and some rather graphic images of ‘poop’. Before we begin, […]

  • Taipei 2014: Taipei Trippin (Part I)

    Taipei 2014: Taipei Trippin (Part I)

    To be honest, I wasn’t really excited for this trip in the beginning having just recovered from an operation. But I’ve never been on a company conference, its not everyday we get to travel with colleagues, plus, flight and accommodation were paid for! I’ll be nuts not to go! Though Taiwan was never on my […]

  • A Guide to Choosing Lipsticks

    A Guide to Choosing Lipsticks

    Lipsticks are some of women’s most essential part of our beauty routine. Even women who don’t wear a full face of makeup would want to apply lipstick at least during special occasions. Lipstick can add a little colour to your outfit for functions and make you appear more professional for work. But the most common […]

  • Beijing 2014: A Springtime Story (Part VI)

    Beijing 2014: A Springtime Story (Part VI)

    On our final episode of A Springtime Story, we visit the majestic Forbidden City, get photo-bombed (as usual) and go in search of the lane with some exotic finds and food before we headed home to Singapore. The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing […]

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