• Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    It took me awhile to post this one up but it’s worth the wait. On this episode, we walked down 600 flights of stairs down Old Fira Port, ride on a Pirate Ship to an active volcano, visit the little town of Oia (and went a little photo crazy), found the quirky Atlantis Bookshop and […]

  • Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part III)

    Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part III)

    My reaction upon stepping on the black sand of Perissa Beach. This episode would be a short one because, I fell ridiculously sick! Nevertheless, it was still part of the experience we faced on our first travel adventure together so I’m gonna tell it to you #noshame. I woke up in the middle of the […]

  • Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part II)

    Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part II)

    So on our second day in Athens, we had a lot going on! On this episode, we visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, shop in the Plaka District, watch the changing of the Evrone guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, feed some fat hungry pigeons, visit a Metro Station that was built on […]

  • Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part I)

    Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part I)

    Before I begin this travel series, I would first like to mention that I know the term ‘Couplemoon’ does not exist. It was made up by Lisa. It is when a couple travels together who aren’t married yet. Well, there are Honeymoon for newly weds and Babymoon for expecting parents so why not a Couplemoon […]

  • French Beauty Products

    French Beauty Products

    Since making a career change, I’ve been looking to change most of my skincare products. It was challenging looking for products that are affordable and can do a good job for my acne prone skin. Then, through more research, I came across the miracle of the French pharmacy products… Why French Beauty Products? You might […]

  • Personalized Brushes

    Personalized Brushes

    I haven’t changed my professional brushes since graduating from Cosmoprof Academy in 2012. Since then, I’ve tried using many different brushes besides the ones we were taught to use in school. Most I’ve picked up from work and some from friends and client’s personal brushes. But I admit, I couldn’t let go of my Cosmoprof […]

  • How to Enjoy Running

    How to Enjoy Running

    Recently, I’ve started going for runs around my neighbourhood. To be honest, I was never someone who liked doing any form of sports. But due to the state of my health and my roller coaster mood from my medication, I decided to take up yoga and running to calm my nerves. I’ve decided to put […]

  • How to be Parisian in Singapore

    How to be Parisian in Singapore

    Prior to the purchase of How to be Parisian Wherever You Are, I’ve always thought of French women to be very well put together in appearance and in general. Their way of life and culture has always intrigued me. Because of this, amongst the many books that I could’ve chosen to buy, I wanted to […]

  • After the Rain

    After the Rain

    Dress: TEMTKimono: Forever 21Barefoot Sandals: DIY Storyline by Isabelle Rosta

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