• Louis Vuitton Alexandra Wallet

    Louis Vuitton Alexandra Wallet

    My Alexandra was a gift from Lisa and Mama from San Francisco for my birthday last year. “Keep rockin’, and keep knockin’, whether you Louboutin it up or Reebokin“ Kanye West – Knock You Down. Introducing my Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Alexandra Wallet (M60047). Related Posts:A Guide to Louis Vuitton Date Codes Reference:Louis Vuitton

  • Which Comes First – Wedding, Home or Children?

    Which Comes First – Wedding, Home or Children?

    Let me first begin by explaining my situation. I will be turning thirty this September. I have a severe case of endometriosis; a condition my doctor explained will only go away after child birth. Shine and I are trying to apply for a home this year. So the bonus question is – which one should […]

  • Elastic Heart

    Elastic Heart

    Dress: H&M Lyrics by SiaMakeup by Isabelle Rosta

  • A Singaporean Couple’s Housing Tales (Part I)

    A Singaporean Couple’s Housing Tales (Part I)

    This is the story of a Singaporean couple’s journey is acquiring a home for their future. The said couple are none other than Shine and I. Yes, we are planning to apply for a BTO (Build-to-Order) flat together. We are both thirty this year and my severe case of endometriosis will require me to conceive […]

  • Guerlain Meteorites & Terracotta

    Guerlain Meteorites & Terracotta

    Being a makeup junkie, I like to try on different products. But after all the switching and playing around, there are those that you will always fall back on. These are the two products that I have used and cheated on several times but somehow end up coming back to – The Meteorites and Terracotta […]

  • The ‘D’ Word

    The ‘D’ Word

    I have been contemplating for a while whether or not to write about this. And then I thought, this is my blog, there are people out there that maybe going through hell and this can actually save them. The ‘D’ Word – Divorce. It is still very much a taboo in Singapore despite many cases […]

  • The Little Black Jacket

    The Little Black Jacket

    If you can have one thing from Chanel, what would it be? Most girls will say the bag is on top of their wishlist but I would love to own a Chanel tweed jacket. But unfortunately for me, my funds are limited. So what’s a girl to do? If you can’t afford high-end, get a […]

  • Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part V)

    Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part V)

    For the final episode of our Couplemoon in Greece, we bring you to the Red Beach in Akrotiri, visit the Archeology Site believed to be the lost city of Atlantis and go shopping in Fira before heading home. Let’s go! The Red Beach earns it’s name from the iron-rich sedimentary rocks and sand in the […]

  • Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    It took me awhile to post this one up but it’s worth the wait. On this episode, we walked down 600 flights of stairs down Old Fira Port, ride on a Pirate Ship to an active volcano, visit the little town of Oia (and went a little photo crazy), found the quirky Atlantis Bookshop and […]

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