In the Mood for Tracyeinny

In the Mood for Tracyeinny

I’m feeling much better these days and it shows from my wardrobe. Here I am in one of my favourite Tracyeinny dresses that I love for its scallop eyelet trimming and pop of colour to match the bounce in my step and my Mood Bag.

In the Mood for Tracyeinny

No prizes for guessing that I’m a mini tote kinda girl. I will pack everything I need into a small bag because I absolutely hate carrying heavy bags. What I love more than small bags? Small bags with little compartments and that is what the Tracyeinny Mood Bag is about.

Tracyeinny Mood Bag

Designed to encourage you to start believing in you, the Tracyeinny Mood Bag comes with twin handles, inner side compartments, a detachable strap and Mood Pocket to go along with your mood. It’s also washable and versatile, I bring it on picnics, to the supermarket and on walks with Baeley too.

Tracyeinny Mood Bag

Photo from Tracyeinny

Tracyeinny Mood Bag

Photo from Tracyeinny

Mood Pockets comes in 5 colours – Daring Red, Cheery Yellow, Thoughtful Green, Braveheart Blue and Empowered Black.

Tracyeinny Be Grateful Mint Pouch

I also love my little Tracyeinny Be Grateful Mint Pouch where I keep my ladies powder room necessities that also happens to match my Mood Bag.

What is your mood today?

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