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Blog VS. Social Media

As you may have noticed, I am not as active on my blog as I use to be. I use to dedicate at least one post a week and sometimes even 2 or 3. But these days, even posting once a month is daunting on top of handling daily chores, taking care of Baeley, running errands, maintaining our home and a tight work schedule. This pandemic makes it harder for me to be creative with my locations and set up now that we have to put on masks, albeit it’s for our safety but it has put a damper on how I’ve felt the past year and my work.

Whatever little time I have to edit photos and write reviews are mostly reserved for social media as there is where the viewers are now. It’s been a struggle as I loved blogging and have dedicated years of my TLC onto this space but alas, I have to go with the times. I have amassed quite a following on Instagram hence I’ve been approached to feature my reviews on the platform instead of my blog. Although, I can counter post the reviews on here but I have not had the time to do so as blogging is hard work, especially now that we have Instagram, Stories, Tik Tok and whatever the next big platform is on top of creating videos for each of them. I assume that most of my blog readers have switched to following me on Instagram but if you have not, that is why I created this post to inform you that I’m still safe and fine.

I am still writing lifestyle content and reviews on Instagram mainly on Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Events, Food and Baeley. I will still continue to blog when I have to write longer more in-depth posts, posts that require more than 1 link in bio and may be if and when the pandemic is over, I can blog about travel related content again which I really miss doing.

At the meantime, stay safe and take care.

Follow me on Instagram and drop me a DM @lovebellavida

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