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Top 5 Daiso Items in My Home

I think we can all agree that Daiso is one of our favourite stores or the favourite store. How can you not love Daiso where everything is for $2 and a bunch of them are so useful too! Value for money is an understatement. I love Daiso so much that when Singapore reopened for phase 2, the first store I ran to was Daiso! In fact, quite a number of items I have in my home are from Daiso. Here’s sharing some of my favourites.

Magic Sponge

I came across this as a recommendation from The Smart Local. My home was just newly renovated and our contractors didn’t do a good job of cleaning up and I was having difficulty finding something that can remove light industrial stains from my kitchen floor. So when I heard of this Magic Sponge, I have to admit, I was a little sceptical at first but I thought, why not give it a try? After all, if it doesn’t work, it was only $2 and omg, it worked! All you have to do is run it in water, squeeze out the water and rub it against the stain. It came off with ease! What sorcery! I love it so much, I’ve been recommending it to everyone because you will need it in life!

Heat Resistant Glass Containers

I hate using plastic containers for food with passion and only use glass. So imagine my delight when I found that Daiso has heat-resistant glass containers. They’re not very big to store a meal for the family but I use them to store cut apples for Baeley, cut lemons and for meal preps.

Laundry Hangers

I love white laundry rooms so I wanted everything in mine to be white to because it looks cleaner and it’s easier to find clothes. Do you know that it is almost impossible to find white hangers?! Thank God I can count on Daiso. Besides the colours, they come in a variety of sorts – hangers for jeans, hangers for pants and even for pillows!

Gardening Tools

This will probably need a list on it’s own! From plastic garden pots (with drainage to btw) to mini ceramic pots to shovels to green cable ties to stones for terrariums, the list seriously goes on. I think I have to credit my garden to Lazada and Daiso, lol.


From Left to Right: My Kitchen Decor (pumpkins, vase and table cloth from Daiso), Wreath (entirely from Daiso), Coffee Table Decor (Little Baeley from Daiso).

I have little nick-knacks and accessories that I buy for display in my home once in a while especially during upcoming major holidays. There’s also things like potpourri that I’m not willing to spend more than $2 on and items to DIY like my wreath entirely from Daiso!

What are your favourite things from Daiso?


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