ASO Sweetie High Heels


Looking for a pair of comfortable heels that will not compromise style? Introducing ASO Sweetie High Heels from Taiwan.

The ASO Sweetie High Heels are made with high quality materials and are comfortable to wear for long hours. The 3D insole design effectively supports the arches of the feet and relieves soreness. It’s comfortable even on rainy days! Suitable to wear it with stockings too! Its patented nano-insole design keeps your feet dry, while its patented outsole drainage pattern improves your feet’s grip in the shoe – no more annoying heel slippage! With its classy look, it’s suitable for corporate wear, interviews and formal events.

GoFunShoe Augmented Reality (AR) Try-On App

Now you can virtually try-on footwear anytime, anywhere! Using the app, you can view any Taiwan Shoe Select shoes of your choice from different angles and even share try-on photos with your friends. It’s fun and so easy to navigate and use. I even sent some of my try-ons snapshots to my friends! If you find the look to your liking, you can purchase it within a few clicks within the app or head to Sample Store, it’s now selling at SGD$114.90, rather than the usual price of SGD$121.90. Check out how to use the app over on my Instagram.

Download ASO Try-On App:


Brought my ASO Sweetie High Heels out for museum hopping. It goes well with my outfit and walking in them is a breeze. Comfort, functional and chic all-in-one, every lady needs a pair of ASO Sweetie High Heels.

Sample Store

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