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Saying I Love You with Daniel Wellington

For our first Valentine’s Day spent in our home, we got ourselves gifts from Daniel Wellington. As our relationship becomes more mature, we’ve kind of passed the stage of surprising each other. Especially after marriage and caring for our household expenses, we’ve been more frugal and prefer to have intimate moments in the privacy of our home rather than wasting money dining in restaurants with pricey Valentine Day prices. As for gifts, we can kind of figure out what we want or need (especially when I keep dropping hints *wink). I knew Shine was looking for a black leather watch and I’ve hinted on a gold bracelet.Daniel Wellington has just released a limited edition engraved ‘I Love You’ bracelet. Its sleek and elegant design makes a beautiful gift and complements Shine’s Daniel Wellington watch too. And of course, the complimentary Red Ribbon gift wrapping adds the cherry on the cake.Shine’s Watch: Classic Black Reading Rose Gold 40mm, SGD$319
Belle’s Bracelet: Classic Love Bracelet Rose Gold (Limited Edition I Love You), SGD$89If by any chance you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, I still have a discount code you can use along with the I Love You engraving and Red Ribbon Wrapping, I promise I won’t tell.

Specially for Love Bella Vida Readers:
Quote lovebellavida to get 15% OFF when you purchase from or at any retail stores in Singapore & Malaysia with complimentary Red Ribbon Gift Wrapping.

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