Benefits of Taking Airport Transfer While You are Travelling

Do you still remember that tingling and nauseated feeling before flying for the first time? Yes, and no, would not want to relive those feelings again! You were nervous thinking whether you were able to reach the airport safely in time; how would the check-in process go and you were definitely excited at the same time. It’s a lot to handle for a first time traveller, right?

Do you think that it is endurable to be worried all the time? It is certainly not. As a problem solver to you, that is what Traveloka has to offer. Not only providing you accommodations and flight tickets, but it also bridges the gap by providing airport transfer services. Now, you know for a fact you’ll be getting to your hotel without having a panic attack.

How to Book an Airport Transfer?

First things first, you might be new to the whole airport transfer thing, so, let me give you a bit of a walk through. We’ll take Traveloka for example since they provide literally everything. Once you have booked your flight ticket and accommodation, click on the Airport Transfer button. It will show you the available modes of transportation; by the road or by the rail and you just click on the button of your preference. I personally prefer car rides – it is pretty comfy. From your preference mode, it will further show you a list of means of transportation available. For example, you would prefer to travel from home to the airport using cars and among them there are sedans, MPVs, vans and etc. Not stopping there, it will also let you choose which car brand that you want to hire. After you’ve done all that, you can just follow the instructions to confirm your booking, schedule and off to payment. It’s pretty easy, you won’t have trouble on it, trust me.

Okay, so we’ve done that, now what’s so special about airport transfer? Cue the music!

What are the Benefits of Taking an Airport Transfer?

Hassle-Free and Next Level Punctuality

Airport transfer service is always on time so you won’t be in a hassle. Therefore, if you are travelling for business, this is something you would consider gift from heaven. With this part covered, you now have the extra time to focus on your business. If you are travelling for leisure, this makes it even easier for you to get to your hotel without having to wait for taxi availability

Convenience and Comfort

By booking a car as your airport transfer that will pick you up from your doorstep and send you right at the entrance of the airport, you can just lay back and relax If you are booking the train, it also eases you up in which you can ditch queue up to buy the train ticket. It is also convenient when you do not have to worry about whether there is still train or bus tickets available; how much will it cost if you are hiring a random taxi; do you have enough cash in hand and so on. Everything is booked in advance and prepared for. On that particular day, you just have to stay cool and put your shades on, unfortunately, we can’t run from the sun, can we?

Safety and Assurance

I am not saying that your safety is 100% guaranteed as anything can happen, right? What airport transfer will provide you is the class A security assurances on the condition of the car you are booking, and the road it will take to your destination – be it the airport or the accommodation. Of course, the driver itself has gone through the proper training to ensure he/she stick to the rules at all cost. Your safety is their number one priority.

No Worries on Traffic Conditions and Shortcuts

Last but not least, the traffic condition. Knowing that Singapore is one bustling city, traffic condition is what you should always be concerned about, and try to avoid whenever possible, right? Though your map shows the estimated time of arrival from your place to the airport, always anticipate unexpected things to occur. You never know when a horse is going to chill-galloping on the left lane all of a sudden. By booking an airport transfer, you are in safe hands because the drivers are already familiar with so many main and optional routes that can take you to the airport on time. Another mode of airport transfer is the Changi Airport MRT which could be said as the most reliable one. Least accident could happen neither traffic congestion and it will take you straight to the airport in a jiffy.

And there you have it, some of the best things you can get out of opting for airport transfer. Travelling made easier with them around, don’t you think? Well, until next time, have a safe journey, everybody!

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