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Curry Party at Fu Xiang Signatures

Curry is a staple in most households in Singapore. We make and eat curry in almost anything from any types of meat to seafood and every ethnicity in Singapore has a popular dish involving curry! Rice and bread always taste much better with curry too, at least for me. So I couldn’t turn down an invite to Fu Xiang’s Curry Party because how can you resist curry?Fu Xiang Signatures believe that heritage should play a big part in our meal – food that we grew up with that are close to our hearts and one of love, joy and comfort for us and generations to come. It all started in the 1990s in a small coffee shop and has since expanded island wide and are run by twin brothers passed down from their parents and continuing the legacy.

Food Republic, Vivo City, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-01, Singapore 098585

Open Daily: 1000 – 2200Fu Xiang Signatures has their very own seating space and decor within Food Republic. We got to sit at a long table, Tok Panjang style, for our Curry Party. Feel free to snack on some classic biscuits while you’re having your meal, it’s free for Fu Xiang customers.

You’ll be spoiled for choice looking at the menu. Let me introduce you to some of Fu Xiang Signature’s must try dishes.
Curry Chicken $6.80
Made with 100% homemade chilli paste.
Sambal Crispy Pork $6.90
Sambal flakes sprinkled on top, highly addictive.
Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken $6.90
Doused in secret Emperor Cream Sauce and no, it’s not salted egg!
Chicken Biscuit Curry Rice $6.80
Chicken blends so well with crispy biscuit crumbs which you would not notice at all mixing classic with modern taste.
Fish Head Curry Assam $28
A Fu Xiang classic that brings friends and family together.After our delicious meal, we got to learn how to make chilli paste and got to work! We had to tubuk (meaning pound in Malay) some Chilli Hijau! This is a classic way my grandparents would pound chilli or other food items to make condiments. They definitely taste different from using the ever convenient blender, lol. After pounding and grinding the chilli and other ingredients, we got to take them home. Got to eat rice and home cooked food with Fu Xiang Chilli recipe for the next days.

If you’d like to learn some of Fu Xiang’s recipes to make at home, head over to the blog – Fu Xiang Signature Recipes.We had a lot of fun during the Curry Party and our stomachs were definitely very happy and satisfied too! Thank you for the lovely invite and this definitely will not be my last! Here are other Fu Xiang Outlets that may be nearer to you.

Fu Xiang Signature Outlets:
Food Republic Shaw Lido
Food Republic 313 Somerset
Food Republic Causeway Point
Food Junction NEX
Five Spice Jewel (Fu Xiang Treasures)

Fu Xiang Signatures

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