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Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant

Little India has a plethora of restaurants especially Indian cuisines from North Indian, South Indian restaurants, stalls, provision shops, you name it. If you’re familiar to the area and love Indian cuisines, you know you’ll be spoilt for choice but if you’re not, then you’ll probably be confused or overwhelmed! Race Course Road in particular has a whole strecth of restaurants to choose from. If you’re vegetarian and looking for something Indian-fusion to try, let me recommend Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant.
Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant, 46 Race Course Road, Singapore 218559
Tel: +65 6299 3809

Opening Hours:
1100 – 2300 (Closed on Mondays)

In fact, I won’t just recommend this restaurant to vegetarians but to everyone. I usually shy away from vegetarian restaurants because, well, I love meat. What I find really cool is that they make mock meat made out of vegetable. I wasn’t aware of any Indian restaurants here doing this, I know many Chinese vegetarian stalls that do this and it’s such a cool concept. It makes me feel less guilty and Shine even got to try “crab meat” since he’s allergic to the real thing. Best of all, they taste really good, even better than the actual meat. BTW, the menu is huge ranging from traditional dishes from various parts of India to even Malay dishes!
Mutton Soup $5.90
Tradional herbal soup with chunky “meat” served with naan.

Tulasi Paneer Tikka $10.90
Golden tandoori toasted paneer, onion, tomato, capsicum, cherry tomato served with sauce.

Gobi Manchurian $8.90
A combination of Gobi, Onion and Capsium sauteed to perfection.

Methi Mutton Curry (Fenugreek) $8.90
Green and refreshing punjab dish that goes great with rice.

Crab Malabar Dum Briyani $10.90
Crab skillfully dum in Basmati Rice with Mopla Traditions.

Jack Fruit Halwa $4.90
Jack fruit pradhaman made famous in Kerala.

Gajar Halwa $5.50
Carrot Halwa garnished with almonds.

Masala Tea $3.50
Mango Lassi $4.50

The portions are huge too so you can order different dishes to share if you’re not big eaters. Both Shine and myself were stuffed and there was still so much left so we packed them back and finished them by the next day. I would recommend all these dishes we’ve tried but if you don’t have the space to stomach them all, my absolute favourites are the Gobi Manchurian, Crab Malabar Dum Briyani and the Halwas were to die for! You must try them, they’re so heavenly, not too sweet at all and healthy too since they’re vegetable and fruits! In fact, after posting on IG Story, I heard some friends recommending their favourite dishes too!

Definitely coming back for another round of that yummy Dum Briyani, Halwas and need to try those other dishes on the menu too. At least I can now zoom-in to Tulasi for lunch/dinner when I’m in the area, no need to wreck my brains searching for good Indian-fusion vegetarain food.

Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant

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