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Mucota Algana Argan Oil Treatment at Chambers Hair Salon

Since our honeymoon over a year ago, I haven’t actually done much to my hair except washing and home treatments. Eek, I know, that’s really bad considering I have long hair. So it’s about time I gave the tresses the attention it needs with Mucota’s Algana Argan Oil Treatment only available at Chambers Hair Salon.Address:
Chambers Hair Salon, 78 South Bridge Road, #01-01, Singapore 058708

Chambers Hair Salon is located in the middle of Raffles Place and Clarke Quay MRT and is relatively quite easy to find coming from someone who’s horrible with directions. Kris attended to my hair and needs throughout my time here and she’s such a sweet lady who’s not pushy to make a drastic change to your look. I only wanted to trim my hair and snip off some fringe before the treatment to get back the shape after a year of not getting my hair cut, but I wasn’t ready for a drastic change. I was quite surprise to learn from Kris that the Algana Argan Oil Treatment straddles between a hair treatment and perm/rebonding without the use of heat! I’m always ready for curls.

Why is Algana better than other treatments?

Algana is a cysteine-based treatment (amino acid). Cysteine exists in our hair to give it strength and durability. Cysteine-based system is a modern form of hair treatment that uses naturally occurring essential amino acid to strengthen hair penetrating deep into the hair structure, allowing moisture to be longer lasting, a next-generation reparative conditioning hair treatment. It is safe and does not contain cancer-causing formaldehyde. This treatment is also safe for expecting mothers.Price: SGD $380 (Long Hair)

Finally, after a year of split ends and unruly fizz, my hair is once again tangle-free and its so soft and smooth! I can run my fingers through it and I was so happy to learn that it will last about 6 months! Yay! The entire process took just 3 hours. And here I thought I needed to spend the whole day in the salon, turns out there was still time for me to run some errands. And considering the fact that this treatment consists of Argan Oil which is one of the most expensive oils in the world and how much I’ve paid for digital perms with treatment and a cut in the past, the price is reasonable for the length of my hair.
I’m so pleased with the texture of my hair and really happy I found out about the Algana Argan Oil Treatment – hassle-free, safe, silky and no heat which is everything I love for my hair care. No need for curling tongs, expensive perms and scary treatments. In fact, I look forward to making another appointment with Chambers Hair Salon and Kris for my next treatment and when I’m ready for a big change for my tresses.

Chambers Hair Salon

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