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FABLife Style: FinelyCup

Let’s have ladies talk on this post – lingerie and how you may have been putting your bra on the wrong way all along! So grab a cuppa coffee and let’s begin.I was introduced to FABLife recently and was invited to their flagship store to try out a set of their FinelyCup lingerie along with the Veena products (reviews coming soon). FABLife was founded by Alica Neo who left her corporate job to embark on entrepreneurship and she wanted to inspire women to believe in their own inner beauty. With the successful launch of Venna products at Beauty Asia in early 2018, FABLife established their first flagship store at Southbank to provide customers the opportunity to book private fitting sessions with Alice and experience FABLife’s range of shapewear and lingerie. This is where I learned how to properly put on a bra! You’ll be surprise at the results!

  1. Slip your arm through the bra’s shoulder straps. Bring the bra up so that the band is just under under your breasts.
  2. As you clasp the band in the back, lean forward slightly to place your breast into each cup.
  3. Clasp the bra on the loosest hook first. See if it is comfortable in this position. If it is comfortable in this position. If it needs to be tighter, go to second hook and so on.
  4. Stand up and adjust the shoulder straps over your shoulders.
  5. Adjust the straps so they share the task of holding up your breast.
  6. Move your breasts around with hand until they are fully in the cup.

I went with FinelyCup C1128 in Classic Black. Just a little background detail about my preference in bras – I always use underwire bras. Many women find underwire bras immensely uncomfortable however, I’ve always felt they kept my boobs from drooping. I’d rather be uncomfortable than have saggy droopy boobs! So this FinelyCup bra is the only wireless bra that I have now and it is very comfortable, almost like it’s fixed to my dress and the best part – it held the girls nicely and looked like I was wearing push-ups! Having a private fitting with Alice and the right measurements taken made a big difference to the shape and fit. Now I don’t have to feel uncomfortable with underwire bras, I have my FinelyCup for better shape and comfort.I was also given the antibacterial Nearme Intimate Enzyme Cleanser formulated with natural ingredients and 20 different plant extracts to care for your delicate clothes and preserve the natural colour of the fabric without the use of harsh chemicals like some detergent. This is great news for women’s intimate wear.I’ve learned so much from my session with Alice and I strongly encourage you to make an appointment. You can also enjoy the facilities at the Southbank flagship store if you become a member of FABLife. Thank you so much Alice and the ladies at FABLife for the invite and informative session.

FABLife, 883 North Bridge Road, Southbank, #13-02, Singapore 198785

FABLife Style

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