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Afternoon Tea with Basilur Music Concert Collection

If you’ve recalled, I wrote a list of Basilur Tea 13 Flavours earlied this year. Basilur Tea decided to send me something else to try, this time, it’s from the Music Concert Collection. I’ve been admiring some of their beautiful packaging, particularly the Tea House, Book and Music Concert Collection so I was thrilled when I received the Music Concert Wedding. I thought it was incredibly sweet of them to send me this just before our 1 year anniversary, what a pleasant surprise.

I was even more surprise when I found out that this sweet little tin is also a musical box! It turns and plays a wedding tune, how precious! I’m absolutely obsessed with musical boxes and teas so this is just a perfect combination! Now I need to collect all of them, I’ll keep the box even after I’m done with the teas and buy refills. Imagine how pretty they would look on my kitchen shelf or my Tea Tray in our new home. Besides the packaging, Basilur has excellent teas! I’ve tried most of the flavours and I don’t think there are any that I do not like.

Basilur Music Concert Wedding is a marriage of Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Apple, Peach and dried fruit flavours with Jasmine buds. It comes in pyramid bags that contains the tea leaves and ingredients to ensure that you’ll get to taste the quality and save you the hassle of brewing them manually. You can add creamer, milk or sugar if you prefer but I wanted to taste this on it’s own for a nice relaxing afternoon while reading The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior.

Here are more Teas from the Music Concert Collection

If you’d like to learn more about tea, its benefits and how to brew them, I’ve put together a guide.
Basilur Tea

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