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Lachesca Cleansing Wipes

As you know, I’ve been travelling for quite a bit in the past month which involved having to take a few flights, some of them long haul. As much as I love travelling, I don’t enjoy being in a plane for too long mainly because it can dehydrate your skin which will lead to clogged pores and a breakout. That is why I always make sure I have Facial Cleansing Wipes in my carry-on before hand eventhough I barely have any makeup on on flights.

The name La Cesca meaning “free” in Italian is inspired from the freedom from makeup, dirt and clogged pores which explains why the brand carries products related to makeup removal and cleansing.

The size of a sheet is 15 cm × 20 cm, boasts 3 layers of cushion structure and ultrafine fibers in close contact which means that its able to hold plenty of liquid. With just 1 piece, you’ll be able to remove your makeup, clean your face like a facial cleanser and moisturize like a lotion! As you already know, I love multi-functioning products especially when you’re on the go, who has time to carry around cleansing bottles? Simple, fast and free skin for me, please!I decided to test it out on a swatch of my Chanel Rouge Coco in Pirate because red lipstick can be a bitch to remove and this is my go-to red. I used 1 piece of the Oil-in sheet and with just 1 gentle swipe, I was able to remove it! If just a swipe could wipe off a red lipstick, imagine what kinda magic it can do for your whole face! Best of all, it left my hand feeling moisturised too, no drying and parched feeling which is great when you’re 35,000 feet up in the air, your skin will need all the moisture it can get without having to leave your seat to go to the toilet too much and where you’re not able to carry more than 100ml of water with you.

Convenient, effective and comes in a cute packaging too!

Comes in 3 types – Clear (50 Pieces), Moist (50 Pieces), Oil-in (46 Pieces).

Lachesca Cleansing Wipes are available at Watsons, Guardian, Welcia BHG and Lazada Singapore.


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