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Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Facial Wash

My recent trip was the longest I’ve been away from home. I love travelling but I hate packing. I much rather travel light but I find it impossible to do so because being beauty conscious, I have a tendency to pack big bottles of my beauty products as I worry they’ll run out. It’ll be a nightmare to buy a product my skin is unfamiliar with in a different country. So being able to use my Suisai Beauty Clear Powder was a life saver!

The Suisai Beauty Clear Powder has been ranked the number one facial wash in Japan for 3 consecutive years and highly raved around Asia. Produced by leading Japanese cosmetic brand Kanebo, the Suisai range was inspired by “The Gift of Fermentation” formulated with moisturizing elements such as fermented soy milk extract, pear juice extract and Double Hyaluronic Acid. It’s great for those with rough skin, clogged pores and excess sebum which I suffer from after spending too much time under the sun or from temperature change while travelling. The Suisai Beauty Clear Powder contains enzymes and amino acid cleansing ingredients that decompose keratin plugs and exfoliate dead skin cells while the granule-structured powder formula quickly and easily humidity-resistant lather. The foam is designed to remove impurities through deep cleansing, reducing in pore visibility, blackheads and acne.

The packaging comes in small cubes that you can easily carry around which makes it great for travelling, weekend trips, the gym and the beach.


  1. Pour 1 cube of powder into palm.
  2. Add a few drops of water.
  3. Work it into a lather.
  4. Wash face.

Verdict: I’m stoked that I’m able to try the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder mainly due to it’s packaging that will be great for my lifestyle since I spend a lot of time out and about and under the sun at the beach or for post gym sessions. To make it even better, it lathers well, leaves my skin silky smooth, radiant, hydrated and clean. I don’t have to worry about carrying my big bottle of cleansing wash around to travel again, completely switching to Suisai Beauty Clear Powder.

Pack of 32, SGD$27
Pack of 15, SGD $14

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder are available at Don Don Donki, Welcia BHG and Lazada Singapore.

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