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Je l’aime Relax Hair Care

Over the past weeks, you’ve probably noticed how much I’m loving my Japanese skincare. Rest assure that I gave my crowning glory as much attention with the Je l’aime Relax Bouncy & Airy range from Kose Cosmeport. There are 3 ranges from the Je l’aime Relax haircare range that you can choose from – Straight & Stiff, Soft & Moist, Bouncy & Airy. I will be focusing on Bouncy & Airy due to my following hair concerns.

  • Hair is limp with lack of volume.
  • Hair stays flat even after styling.
  • Want light and manageable hair.

Thinning of the cuticles causes a loss of bounce and resilience for the hair making it limp and flat. Je l’aime Relax Bouncy & Airy range repairs thinning cuticles to strengthen and build a resilient coat for your hair.


Je l’aime Relax has a 3 step formula with specially selected ingredients that are targeted for each range according to your hair concerns. The following are selected for the Bouncy & Airy range.

  1. Taurine Cleanser + Succinic – for plentiful foam that leaves hair light.
  2. Polyquaternium-7 – to strengthen the surface of cuticles that have become thin.
  3. Carnauba Wax – a firm coat for volume and bouncy hair.


Je l’aime Relax uses 90% botanical ingredients that are 100% sulphate-free, non-silicone and 100% alcohol-free.

Moisturizing Ingredients: Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leave Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract.
Damage Repair Ingredients: Hydrolized Soy Protein, Ethyl Olivate (only in Hair Mask).


Je l’aime Relax utilizes natural fragrances that harmonizes the fresh fruity base with clean floral scent to relax the hair and mind.

Top Note: Citrus (Red Ruby Grapefruit), Fruity (Lychee, Pear, Apple, Raspberry).
Middle Note: Floral (Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Orange Flower, Magnolia).
End Note: Musk, Amber.

Bouncy & Airy Shampoo

Very generous amount for an affordable price! You don’t even need to use much product; just half a pump and it lathers very well and covers your entire head. Keep in mind that my hair is long – below bra length! I also like that the bottle is clear and allows you to see if the product is finishing.

Price: (500ml)

Bouncy & Airy Treatment

The consistency of the treatment is better than most conditioners that I’ve tried; it feels like a hair mask and you don’t need much product either. It did no weigh down my hair and doesn’t leave the top half of my hair gunky and gross like most conditioners tend to do so this was a big plus for me! Just like the shampoo, I also like that the bottle is clear to see how much product I’m left with.

Price: (500ml)

Bouncy & Airy Deep Treatment Hair Mask

The Deep Treatment Mask is said to have twice the memory and repair ingredient than the other series. I know that masks are not on most priority list but I feel my hair routine is not complete without it as it helps with damage accumilated everyday. Just like how you need to mask your face, you should not neglect your hair! I use this twice a week after I have rinsed off the Bouncy & Airy Treatment and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off.

Price: (230g)
Je l’aime Relax Bouncy & Airy range claims that you’ll be able to style your hair with just your fingers and it does leave my hair feeling light and not weighed down. However, don’t expect much from the bouncy expect unless you already have springy curly hair because after all, you can’t be born with wavy hair and expect curls to just make an appearance, washing and treatment alone won’t help you achieve that – you need a hairspray and styling tools. I love the scent of this range – fruity and floral – it does help you unwind and it lingers on your hair and the bathroom for a bit. But what I love most about it is that you just need a small amount from each product to lather but sold in a generous 500ml size and it’s clear packaging.

Overall, I would repurchase Je l’aime Relax Bouncy & Airy mainly for it’s value for money, it lives up to most of their claims and mositurizes my hair without leaving it feeling oily and limp like most drugstore haircare products.

Je l’aime Relax are available at Watsons, Guardian and Welcia BHG Singapore.

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