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SmartJet Lion’s Mane Mushroom Mycelium Capsules

Taiwan is known for it’s beautiful landscape, teas, beauty products and food. I certainly miss the time I spent in Taiwan and bought a handful of products back that we were unable to get in Singapore then and my, were they darn affordable and really good! Thankfully now I don’t have to go all the way there because Samplestore is bringing Taiwan to us and you can try them out too!Frankly, I’ve never heard of Lion’s Mane Mushroom until Sample Store approached me to review SmartJet’s Lion’s Mane Mushroom Mycelium Capsules. Turns out that this particular mushroom is a highly-valued ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional ingredients from around the world has always sparked my curiousity and since I’ve used and trust Taiwanese products, I decided to give it a try. But first…

What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

It is a rather odd looking mushroom that looks like, well, a lion’s mane. Quite obvious how it got its name. But don’t let it’s looks fool you; this mushroom has a large number of health benefits and is associated with brain boosting, major brain repair and even potential cancer-fighting powers due to the presence of unique polysaccharides and other nutrients. It very popular in Chinese and even Japanese medicine for centuries and reserved for royalty at different times in history. It is also revered by Buddhist monks as almost a mystical source of nutrition.

However good it is, unfortunately, it is not readily available in grocery stores in Singapore so you can either grow them on your own or take them in a form of supplements. Of course, the latter is a more obvious choice because not many of us here have the patience or farm land to grow them.

Benefits of SmartJet Lion’s Mane Mushroom Mycelium Capsules

  • Produced from a patented solid-state fermentation method, rich in β-glucans, amino acids, adenosine, erinacines, hericenones and minerals.
  • The best selected quality Lion’s Mane Mushroom Mycelium from Taiwan.
  • Uses cell wall rupture technology to generate a unique micronized Hericium mycelium powder with high bioavailabilities.
  • Increases Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain and promotes dopamine.
  • Improves sleep quality, memory power and the ability to focus.
  • Passed a series of safety tests to ensure that there is no heavy metals, pesticide residues and additives.


Morning: For focus and alertness, take 2 capsules with warm water.Night: To have sound sleep, take 2 capsules with warm milk one hour before bed or open the capsules and mix the content well in 100 CC of milk or warm water.Verdict: They are really easy to consume when it’s contained in it’s capsule but the smell and taste takes some getting use to when you open it to mix with water especially. I find that milk dissolves the taste and smell of the substance so that will be a better option if it’s your first time consuming traditional medicine. I take them more often at night as I find that it puts me into a deeper sleep and as a result, I wake up feeling fresh and more alert in the mornings. I’ll take a capsule in the day when I feel really sleepy mid-day but I won’t be needing that for now thanks to a more well rested mind.

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