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Japanese Zombie Snacks

I was fortunate to be able to attend Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) exhibition held at Singapore Expo this year with my makan kaki Irene from That was where I discovered Zombie Snacks – these difigured little men in different colours and flavours – by a Japanese snacks company, MNH. The kind people gave us a few flavours to try out. I got BBQ (Blue) and Consomme (Red) and we were told that you can add it to your soup and food, not just to make it look cute but as condiments too. They’d make great munchies for children’s parties and halloween! Here are some fast and easy ideas on what you can eat your Zombie Snacks with.

Zombie Canapes

A very simple and fast way to prepare snacks for a party with just crackers, your favourite tuna spread and a Zombie to top it off. You can even have it while watching Netflix.

Zombie Sandwiches

Going for a picnic? These Zombies can even go with your sandwiches! Just prepare bread with picnic ham and cheese and cut the slice into 4 pieces to make it bite size. Then, pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese. Once it’s done, I just added the consommed flavoured Zombie and drizzled the mini sandwiches with olive oil. And voila, ready to eat!

Zombie Noodles

Of course, if you’re not too keen on crackers and sandwiches, you can always add Zombies to your instant noodles to give it a added BBQ flavour, lol. And yes, they melt into the soup!So you see, you don’t have to be a chef or even know how to cook to prepare these simple and quick party snacks. These are just 3 examples, you can also add these Zombies as pizza toppings, cheese dips, chicken soup, its really up to your creativity.

Unfortunately, Zombie Snacks are not sold in Singapore yet as MNH is still looking for a distributor. Any takers? It’ll be great to have them more readily available to us. Heard they’re really popular in Japan especially during halloween. Looks like I’d have to go to Japan to try another packet of these or you can make a minimum order of 60 packets for your next party on the site.


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