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What’s in My Gaia Pillow Bag

I think you can tell by now how much I’m in love with my Gaia Ata Pillow Bag from Two Baked Buns. I’ve been carrying it everywhere and it’s all over my Instagram since I’ve got it. A number of you asked what I can fit into this bag so here goes.

  • Handphone (and a big one, Samsung Note 8)
  • Coin Purse/Mini Wallet from Rubi
  • Shades from Rubi
  • Tissue from Typo
  • Earrings from Lovisa
  • Lipgloss from Chanel

Here’s how I’ve fit these items into my Gaia Pillow Bag.

It’s incredibly versatile and matches well with almost any outfit. Great for vacations, dates and functions. Thank you Two Baked Buns for creating these specially hand woven pieces, in fact, I’m loving my Gaia Bag so much, I’m already making plans for my next purchase. So what am I gonna get next? Stay tuned to find out.

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