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Fresh Farm Flowers from A Better Florist

I got a delivery of these beautiful bouquet of flowers from A Better Florist and it totally made my week. I’ve attended a Flower Arrangement Workshop hosted by them last year so I was thrilled to find out I would be receiving their gorgeous flowers at my doorstep.

A Better Florist gets a daily shipment of flowers fresh from their farms in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. The bouquets are then specially handcrafted with these fresh blooms and ready to be sent out for delivery on that very day! There are same-day deliveries as well as pre orders and deliver from 9am to 6pm every day of the week and with no delivery charges! Just pick the most convenient time slot! Order before 3pm and you can even get your blooms delivered on the same-day! For next-day deliveries and any other pre orders, you can do so at anytime as you please. You’ll then receive a confirmation email for your purchase and they can also issue an invoice if you’d like to have one. If you need to make any changes to your order, simply reach out to them by replying to your order confirmation email.

The Madelene from the Signature Blooms Collection.

Such a gorgeous bouquet and it’ll be such a shame to see it wilt away! Since they are straight from the farms, I decided to give them a rustic touch. Here’s how you can care for your flowers after you’ve received them.

  1. Prepare a Tin Watering Can. You can add sticker labels to personalize it.
  2. Remove all the wrapping and cotton from the bouquet.
  3. Fill up your Tin Watering Can with some fresh, cool water.
  4. Trim the stems.
  5. Remove excess leaves so that all the petals get some water. Leaves in water will decompose quickly and shorten the lifespan of flowers.
  6. Keep them in cooler areas of your home away from direct heat!
  7. Water your flowers everyday.

I certainly did! Thank you once again for these beautiful blooms and can’t wait to have a little garden of them in the balcony of my new home!

A Better Florist, 11 Keng Cheow Street, #01-02 Riverside Piaza, Singapore 059608
Tel: +65 3163 1525

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