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Gecory Ice Cream Cafe

I scream, you cream, we all scream for ice-cream! What more when you learn that Gecory makes unicorn cakes, cupcakes and ice cream too! Argh!!! Met up with Irene, Dawn and the guys from EDC to satisfy our sweet-tooth!

Gecory, Blk 328 Clementi Avenue 2, #01-198, Singapore 120328

Open Daily:
1200 – 2230 (Mon-Thur, Sun)
1200 – 2300 (Fri & Sat)borderLocated in the heartlands of Clementi, Gecory is the resident happy place, not just for the children but for the adults alike! There is a wide selection to choose from a set of Waffles & Coffee, Beer & Beef Pie, Cake & Coffee, Bingsu while the kids enjoy some miniature unicorn cakes. Or why not embrace the inner child in you and have a unicorn treat too? Yes, you heard that right, unicorns…Twinkle Lovers Unicorn Cupcake $5
Ideal for cheering someone up, this will surely put a smile on any face! Or bring her on a magical date to Gecory and steal her heart, who can resist a unicorn cupcake? I know I can’t. I had a problem though, the cupcakes were too cute and beautiful to eat! Had to get one of the guys to cut them open for us to try, omg, the heartbreak. Of course, when the cupcakes were finally cut open, we didn’t regret it, it was baked really well with blue berries and the icing of the cupcake was just nice, creamy and not too sweet.Dazzling Unicorn Cake $58
If you thought the unicorn cupcakes were adorable, have a look at this beauty! ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR! In fact, we were so in love with it that we hesitated to slay it, lol! Just look at it’s face! Perfect for your baby’s birthday party or why not for yourself? I have already made a decision for my next birthday cake of choice when I turn 33. Age is just a number, I still believe in fairies and unicorns.We obviously had to slay the unicorn eventually and not only did it look awesome, it tasted great too! Look at the gradient effect of the cake and I loved how there was a crispy thin slice of wafer under the icing – yum! Btw, the horn is edible too.Lemon Meringue Wreath Tart $5.90
If you’re looking for something festive but you’re tired of yet another Log Cake, why not try some Lemon Meringue in a shape of a wreath?Hearty $5.90
Or how about the Hearty? This tasted absolutely amazing and was easily one of my favourites because I love how the strawberry blended so well with the pudding.After tasting the amazing cakes and thought I’ve seen all the magic and delicious pastries Gecory can whip up, Irene surprised me with a Flamingo Ice Cream! I was floored and couldn’t contain myself, I LOVE FLAMINGOS!!! OMG A FLAMINGO ICE CREAM Y’ALL! Tell me how can this not make anyone’s heart fly to the clouds?Pink Flamingo Mixed Berry Ice Cream $7
And just like the cakes and pastries we’ve tried, the Flamingo Ice Cream doesn’t just look absolutely gorgeous in just the right colour, it taste amazing too!!! The tangy taste of the mixed berries brings me back to summer days by the pool, how very flamingo-like! You can eat the Flamingo head too btw.Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream $9
And thats not all – Gecory even makes Unicorn Ice Cream! With ears and a horn to top it off! ARGH!!! Here’s one that Irene got for Dawn and she absolutely loved it!Here’s one with the ladies and fellow friends from Influencers Unlimited – Irene of SG Food Wanderers and Dawn of Dawn Chan SG.

It was a wonderful time spent at Gecory having unicorn cakes, crispy meringue wreaths and pretty ice cream but the company of friends always makes the experience better. Thank you to the guys at EDC SG for arranging this for us and for making us laugh so much, Irene and Dawn for the surprises and the Gecory team for hosting us. Definitely a place I’m coming back to – perfect for the family, dates and to make magical ever lasting memories with the ones you love.border

Specially for Love Bella Vida Readers:Purchase above $50 of UNICORN, GALAXY, ICE CREAM or PARTY CAKES at GECORY and enjoy FREE delivery.

*Promotion till 31 December.


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