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Facial & Slimming Salons – STOP HARD SELLING!

Every woman wants to look her best and we all love to be pampered especially after a stressful week of work, child delivery or preparing for your wedding. Whenever I think about pampering myself, I think about going for a nice massage, the hair salon, a manicure/pedicure, facials, somewhere where I can just close my eyes, feel relaxed and will make me feel really good about myself when I walk out of the salon and truth be told, I will spend a good some of money for that extra boost in confidence. But what is stopping me from doing that? Pesky hard selling sales reps!

Before I jump into a fit of rants, I would first like to mention that I have visited spas that have NOT pressured me into signing their packages and have had great experience with tremendous results which overall made me go back to them and eventually sign their package. But this post is going to be all about Spas, Facial and Slimming Salons that I have had terrible experience with so here goes…

First of, when someone visits a Facial/Slimming Salon, they already know they have an issue with a particular body part or have a skin problem and probably already feel bad about it – you don’t need to highlight them. And mind you, they are not even subtle about their remarks. I’ve had my fair share of experience back when I had really bad acne breakouts, you can read about it here – My Skin Story. Although my skin condition has improved a lot today, there are still some that will try to give mean remarks to bring my confidence down in their attempt to make me sign their package. Here are the worst remarks I’ve gotten from Facial Salons…

  • Your face is very bad, how to find boyfriend if face not nice” – back when I was single and suffering from acne.
  • You don’t look at your friend, your friend skin not as jialat (terrible) as you” – also back when I was suffering from acne and went to check out this facial spa with a friend.
  • Yucks! You see, I burst your pimple, so jialat, now kena my shirt!” – again when I had my acne condition; upon extracting a spot, the pus stained her shirt which she said was gross, completed with a disgusted look.
  • Your face is so oily! You must apply our Unknow-Never-Heard-Of-Before-XXX Cream that will make your skin clean and less oily and costs only $200!” – WTF.
  • You think organic product very good? It’s not enough for your skin” – dissing my skin care while still trying to sell said XXX Cream.
  • Your face is so dry! You must take our XXX-Scientific-Term Package for only $1800 with 10 Sessions, put deposit now if not promo will end tomorrow!” – yeah, right.

Brutal right some of these remarks? This is only Facial Salons, I haven’t touch on Slimming Salons yet…

I was compelled to write this post because a few months back, I went to a slimming salon with a free trial coupon to try out their services. I know some of you will be asking me, “Why? You fat meh?” but here me out. I always had major problems with my skin but God is fair, He gave me a body that I needed little maintenance to take care of externally. But internally, I was struggling with endometriosis. My first surgery didn’t affect how my body looked but it started to show from my second surgery. The bloat from my cervix started to make it’s appearence quite prominently (which is a side effect of endo) and some people would even mistakenly think I’m pregnant. I’ve also started to put on weight on the lower half of my body after that second surgery, not visible with clothes on but very much so when I’m naked. Because of this, I became self concious of wearing bikinis which was a far cry from the beach bum I was in my 20s. So since I got a free slimming trial, I decided to go for it, why not right? Bad choice.

I was brought into the office to talk about my body concerns, had my weight taken and had to strip to have photos of that particular area taken. The sales rep analysed my photo and circled all my cellulites and said that the fats around my stomach; as quoted, ‘cannot be saved’ unless I go for slimming and immediately introduced me to their package. *Rolls eyes. To be honest, I knew this is bound to happen. I, of course, kindly rejected her as I just went there for the trial, the experience and see if it made a difference before I can decide on purchasing any packages. But she went on to say, “You don’t think you can keep your body figure like this for long because your body fats are at it’s maximum limit then it won’t be easy for you to get pregnant”. I was taken aback by her remarks because I felt like she used the consultation I had with her against me! I kept rejecting but she kept pushing her package and trying to bargain to get me to sign with ‘the minimum deposit’ and later even offering to sell me her package at ‘staff price’! It just irked me and made me want to get out of there asap, to which I told her I’m not signing anything until I decide if I like their service. To which, she grudingly started with the ‘Tummy Trimming’ trial, which frankly didn’t make me see or feel any difference. After she was done in 15mins, she walked off like I owed her a living and I made my way out on my own.

After the session, it got me thinking… I am 58kg at my heaviest and have hamburgers for a stomach, yes, but I am no where near as fat as she made me out to be? She made me question my confidence and my ability to conceive. If so, how do heavier women get pregnant? And worse still, if I am reaching 60kg and felt bad about my body image after being scrutinized, how would the other women feel? Besides, if they are so slim, sexy, no inch of babats and have the ability to pop babies out like factory unlike us fatties, then the sales reps should be walking around the salon in bikinis instead of coat and knee length skirt. Bet she didn’t know I was going to review the salon which I wish to not mention here because… why should I give them free publicity? As I’ve said before, I will NOT review products and services I do not like unless I need to warn you based on life/death situation (which I hope will never happen la). Because bad publicity is still good publicity which these type of services are looking for and don’t deserve but they definitely got a 1 Star Rating on their online feedback from me. But if you are looking to go to a slimming salon and want to avoid this particular one, PM me on Facebook (link at end of article and sidebar), I’ll let you know personally.

I even encountered Slimming Sales Reps standing around shopping centres, walking up to friends, waving brochures to their faces and telling them heartlessly that they need this package. Hello, rude much? Keep that brochure and she could probably use that slimming package for herself! Moral of this story, before you make rude statements about people’s bodies, you better make sure your face/body is damn solid first.

Where do you people get your training? How can you say/do such things to your customers or potential ones? As if we’re gonna go, “Oh, wow, my skin is so gross/jialat/dry/oily, my bum is so fat, I must spend $1000+ of my hard earned money to these people to hear more discouraging and demoralizing remarks about my body, wow, just what I need, please sign me up!“. Screw you and your 1940s Lao Ah Mah sales tactics and rewrite your customer service training manuals. Because at the rate you’re going, the future generation is not gonna patronize your business/services and not many will be gracious enough to let it slide.

Have you had bad experiences with Facial or Slimming Salons? Feel free to share your thoughts and if you’d like to vent in privacy, you can PM me on Facebook as usual, I’m all ears!

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5 thoughts on “Facial & Slimming Salons – STOP HARD SELLING!

  1. I can completely relate to what you are trying to say. I get fed up when the hard sell starts and just feel like running away. If the service is great, customers will anyways come back.


  2. Haha… I think it’s not only the demoralizing part which killed it. I hate it, especially when some sales people assured that “a few” style suits you better. Eg. I have one scenario, it was just a simple eyebrow threading session, it was a male threader… while threading he keeps on trying to “advertise” his eyebrow tattoo package (which I am totally not interested in) In fact, he was telling me I have to sign up because it’s the trend. He keeps emphasizing thick eyebrow will look better on me. Verbally forcing me to sign up for the package. Of course, I didn’t. Because I don’t like it being permanent plus I like a pair of thin eyebrow instead of the thick ones. After the session, he said, “he will give me a free drawing sample of a thick eyebrow and says if I like it go back and find him”. I bo chup let him draw, all I want is to faster pay up and go home (so noisy advertising his stuff) LOL. So when i went home, I almost scream… I realized, he cuts off my entire half eyebrow to “force me” into the scenario where I have to go back to his shop to do the eyebrow tattoo… So nasty! Of course, I didn’t go back.


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