Flower Arrangement Workshop With A Better Florist

I was invited by A Better Florist to attend a Flower Arrangement Workshop. I jumped at the chance to join in as I’ve never attended a flower arranging workshop before so this makes it my first! I can’t exactly say I’m a huge ‘flower lover’ because I don’t know the names of most flowers and I can’t tell the difference of one from another if they look similar. But I just looove looking at them, being around them, admiring them, prancing around them and receiving them, lol. Flowers make me happy and I’m sure they make most girls happy too. If I could, I want to be surrounded by flowers all the time and I do see myself evolving into a crazy flower lady maybe when I get the keys to our house! The knowledge I’ve learned from this workshop will definitely come in handy for decorating my coffee and dining table!

Note: I am not a professional florist, neither am I a botanical expert. I have put together a brief explaination based on what I’ve learned at the workshop to share with you. If you would like a clearer, more in depth tutorial, I would recommend you attend A Better Florist’s Flower Arrangement Workshop every Saturdays. Details of A Better Florist workshops can be found on the Facebook Page.
Ok bunnies, I’m really excited to share the steps, let’s begin!1. Choose your vase. I decided to go for this vase wrapped in twine because it gives that rustic feel. It’s also easier – no need to hide the foam and stalk.
2. You will need a Flower Foam and some cutting tools.
3. Cut your Flower Foam to the estimated size of your vase and at the 4 edges like this.
4. Fit the Flower Foam into your vase and pour lots of water on it. It’s ok if it juts out a little.

Now comes the fun part…
5. Prepare some leaves and the flowers that you’ll like. In this case, we had Gerberas, White and Pink Roses.
6. Cut off the thorns and place them in a shape of a fan. Repeat on each side of the vase.
7. Continue until you get a full vase. Put in some leaves at any empty spots to make it fuller.
This is how the end product will look like done by the florist.

And you’re probably wondering how mine turned out…How, I can be Martha Stewart or not? I thought it turned out pretty since I had zero knowledge of arranging flowers so I put together all the flowers that I liked.We were each given a sachet of Plant Food for our flowers to feed our flora babies.
Here is a chart I did in case you may be making a Floral Arrangement for someone special. Feel free to pin.
Thank you A Better Florist for inviting me to your workshop. I had a lot of fun playing with pretty floras and I definitely see Flower Arranging as a potential hobby. If you are interested in Flower workshops, Like A Better Florist Facebook Page or Follow @abetterflorist on Instagram for updates on their workshops every Saturdays. Eash session is $50 and you get to bring your beautiful piece of work home.

A Better Florist, 11 Keng Cheow Street, #01-02 Riverside Piaza, Singapore 059608
Tel: +65 3163 1525

A Better Florist

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