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Building a brand and marketing your business is hard work and blogging is not an exception. Because, let’s face it, any Tom, Dick and Jane with a laptop and wifi can create a blog. Although a lot of our work has to do with online media, having a physical business card helps you stand out because it means that you are actually serious about your blog. As I am now meeting more clients and networking, I finally took a leap and made my professional business cards with the help of PrintMyStuff.

Why Do You Need a Business Card?

It shows you mean business.
Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or a blogger, a business card is a professional way to hand a potential client your contact details rather than scribbling down your number on to a blank sheet of torn paper which can be easily misplaced or mistaken for rubbish. You’ve put in so much effort into designing your website, you’re throwing that hard work down the drain with that scribbled paper.

It’s easier for clients to find your blog.
So you went to a conference and met a few people who were interested to work with you but you didn’t have a business card to hand to them. They go back to their desktops after the conference and decide to check out what you have but they can’t remember your blog so… they attempt to Google Search you… “Vintage Handbag Collector”. But instead of finding your site, they find 3 other sites that sells vintage handbags too and they’ll probably forget all about your site by then. You have lost a few sales just because you didn’t have a business card.

It’s great for branding
With many blogs these days, it’s important to stand out. Having a business card is like showing a preview of what your clients can expect from your work. When someone visits your blog through the information given on your card and sees your logo and matching colour scheme, it makes them confident that they’re on the right page and builds trust. We are visual creatures and having a good looking business card will attract potential clients to want to see more. And if your card is cute, they’ll more likely want to keep it in their wallets than tossing it away.

Tips for Designing and Printing Your Business Card

Don’t over share.
As much as you are tempted to put everything under the sun on your business card – your blog, social media handles, links to your 12 shops and your pet dog’s Instagram profile, don’t. Leave some space on the card as it is easier to read and will not overwhelm the receiver. Allow the receiver to focus their attention on the website or blog URL and make everything else available on your site. Putting too much information on your card with clutter it.

Don’t forget to put your Blog URL.
I know, you’re probably going, “DUH!” but you’ll be surprise. You may have your email, description of your business or your logo but unless you’re Beyonce, it’s pointless if you don’t provide a link for your clients to reference.

Don’t be obligated to put your phone number.
Putting a phone number on your business card is an option, not a must. It really depends on how you intend to distribute your cards – some reviewers leave their business cards at restaurants and shops they would like to work with hence, their cards may be easily noticed. I choose to be more selective on how I’ll be giving out my cards – clients who are interested to collaborate and bloggers in my close knit circle.

Don’t be obligated to put your photo either.
Having a photo on your card makes it more personal and great if you’re a blogger or social influencer. I chose to go without it because I tend to change my look and outfit quite regularly and will be giving out my business cards selectively hence, I will probably having these cards for a while.

Include your logo.
You must have your blog or business’s logo for branding! It helps your readers and clients remember you. Preferably, your business card should match the layout of your website.

Get it professionally printed.
Althought there are many ways that you can print your own cards, it is still best if you get your cards professionally printed. There are many better quality papers available by professional printing shops compared to the mediocre quality ones you’ll get from your local stationary store and they can also assist you with troubleshooting your design. In my case, I had issues with the dpi and size which I wouldn’t have been able to rectify on my own without professional help (thank you once again PrintMyStuff). Again, branding is important here and you wouldn’t want potential clients to think you’re a cheapskate, it’s really worth spending a bit more for your business for a good impression. After all, what you give is what you get.

What my Blogger Business Card Includes:

  • Brand Logo
  • Blog URL
  • Name
  • Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Social Media Handles

Details of my Business Card:
260gsm Art Card, Double Side Printing with Matt Laminate 300pcs, SGD $30.

I designed two sets of cards for variety but both with the same front and contact information. I wanted my card to match my blog’s design. The printed “accessories” on the back of my cards adds my personality and gives a peak at the kind of content I usually write, as you can tell – beauty, fashion, lifestyle. The 260gsm Art Card paper was recommendation by the team at PrintMyStuff and it turned out to be an excellent choice; hard enough to not bend easily and, as I have requested, I am still able to write on the cards because you’ll never know if you or your clients would like to pen down a note on your card to remember you by. And to add to all that, PrintMyStuff also offers great service as they have assisted with adjusting flaws in my design to help bring out the best quality of my work and delivered it right into my mailbox in a jiffy! Thanks again PrintMyStuff!

Unboxing of the Business Cards and take a look at the quality.

I designed my card with the use of Canva but for those of you without your own artwork, fret not, you can check out PrintMyStuff Name Card Design Templates for FREE by joining the Facebook Page. PrintMyStuff even provide Hologram Card Printing which Singapore Printing Houses do not have! Click here for more on PrintMyStuff Hologram Name Cards.

Some samples of Business Cards done by PrintMyStuff. Business Cards (Hologram) Business Cards Business Cards Business Cards Business Cards

Here are some of the services PrintMyStuff provides.

In Singapore, PrintMyStuff is online based with an Office for self-pick up Printing goods at Kallang with a printing factory in Johor Bahru which is one of the reason why they can afford Value-For-Money rates for you.

Contact PrintMyStuff on any of these online platforms.

PrintMyStuff Group:

PrintMyStuff Facebook Page:

PrintMyStuff Facebook Account:

Follow PrintMyStuff on Carousell:
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How to Hand Out My Business Cards

Now that you have your Business Cards, you might be asking, “Where do I hand out my Business Cards?”.

Here are a few places you can bring your Business Cards to.

  • Conferences – where you will meet other like minded business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Social Events – at parties or meet ups where you’ll meet people who would like to get to know you better.
  • Meetings with Potential Clients – handing out your card will help to convince them to hire you.
  • Meetings with Other Bloggers/Entrepreneurs – to support each other and for future collaborations.

Always carry at least 5 pieces of your cards in your wallet just in case you meet someone who will require your card (or that you’ll want to leave a lasting impression on… *ahem). Hand your card out with both hands with the front of the card facing them and always with a warm smile; you can have the best looking cards with the highest quality paper made of 24k gold for all we care but if you’re arrogant and hand them out sloppily, it will turn people off and might as well be toilet paper.

So with that note darlings, keep smiling and congratulations on your ventures *kisses.

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Isabelle is the editor behind Love Bella Vida, a Singapore Lifestyle Blog. Thank you for your continued support. Should you wish to collaborate, feel free to get in touch.

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24 responses to “The Ultimate Guide to Business Cards with PrintMyStuff”

  1. This is very helpful. I use Canva, too. But, I am having a hard time designing because I wanted to design it myself and not rely too much on the templates available. This is really a great help for beginners like me.


  2. Seem a good quality of the business card. is time for me to replenish my business card and try this service. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I like how simple your bc is along with joysofys…and i like how livelifelah’s card has that quirky touch to it. I couldn’t agree more with you when I did my own set of name cards, just to show that I mean business for my blog…


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