10 Ways to Use Argan Oil

You’re a busy girl working in a corporate firm, a mom with little time to herself or a full-time student always rushing to complete her next assignment? We live in a very hectic world now and we have almost no time to fuss over every skin care product and follow a 10 step nightly routine. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Hell, ain’t nobody got money to spend on all those products either! Don’t you wish there was one product that can be used for everything? What if I told you there is…

You’ve probably heard many benefits of using Argan Oil and that it can be use to help a multitude of skin, body and hair issues. But how exactly do you use it? Here are 10 tested and proven (by your truly) ways you can use Argan Oil into your beauty regime.

  1. Face Serum & Moisturiser – Put 2 drops onto your palm, rub it together and pat it gently onto your face.  Can be used day or night as it is not oily.
  2. Face Mask – Put 2 drops into your cream mask and apply it to your face for more hydration.
  3. Toner – Put a drop of Argan Oil and toner (preferably Witch Hazel or Rose Water) onto your cotton pad and use as hydrating toner.
  4. Lip Scrub – Mix Argan Oil with white or brown sugar until it becomes a paste, then scrub dry chapped lips.
  5. Body Lotion – Add a drop of Argan Oil into a hand full of lotion and apply to body.
  6. Cracked Heels Remedy – Put desired amount onto palm and rub it over dry heels before bed time. Apply socks for better absorption and to avoid staining.
  7. Nails & Cuticle Repair Serum – Put desired amount onto palm and rub it into fingers and dry cuticles.
  8. Razor Burn Serum – Put a drop onto finger and gently dab it onto razor burn to help it heal faster.
  9. Hair Serum – Put desired amount onto palm, rub it together and gently run your palm and fingers through hair. It helps prevent frizz, split ends and adds shine to hair.
  10. Beard Oil – Put desired amount onto palm, rub it together and gently run your palm and fingers through beard. It helps to hydrate dry patches under beard and helps facial hair grow smoother.

And there you have it, one product to solve a hand full of beauty problems, its all natural so you don’t have to worry about chemicals/allergies, saves you time and a ton of money too! Wait, it gets better… it actually works wonders! I’ve used it in all the 10 ways and it actually works better than some moisturizers/serums/lotions in the market *gasps! Even the fiancé is stealing some for his beard before bedtime! I’m incredibly happy with this gem, I’m actually a little sad that it’s running out now and I’m hoping to get another bottle (or two, the other for my man) soon.

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