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Planning a Tropical Honeymoon

We’re spending 3 Nights at Rayavadee Resort on the beautiful island of Krabi, Thailand in September. Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll be expecting.Looking forward to lazing by the pool, having a romantic dinner at the Grotto and going for a good Thai massage and spa. I’ve been asked quite a number of times why not Maldives or Europe. We decided to go for a tropical getaway as we both agreed that we wanted to go somewhere neither of us have been to and we can just relax. Besides, we have the rest of our lives to travel to the other parts of the world, in fact, I’m already hoping we can go to Turkey and Italy in the near future but planning a wedding has taken up almost all my brain cells, the last thing I need is to plan our route through a continent.

Book your stay at Rayavadee or you can stay tune for a review of our Honeymoon experience.

For those of you planning a sexy Tropical Honeymoon, here are some suggestions on what you can pack for your Island Paradise getaway with your man.


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