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Wedding Stress

Are you sick of Wedding Talk yet? Because there will be 4 more months worth of Wedding, Wedding and more WEDDING so bear with me. I promise my life isn’t all about the wedding though, I still have a job that uses a lot of my brain cells and this blog which I’m trying to build. But nevertheless, this is after all our wedding, it’s not like we’ll be getting married everyday so I’m scrambling to juggle planning it and recording down every detail that I possibly can.

This meme describes how I feel right now.

If I’ve been slacking on planning the past months, I’m starting to turbo now because… OMFG, 4 MONTHS?! WHERE DID ALL THAT TIME GO?! I feel like there’s so much that needs to be done although we’ve done so much already? I keep looking back at my checklist and noticed that there are a lump sum of work to do at the last 2 months! 2 months?! But there’s the card and his suit and the video and the songs and the… aaaarrrggghhh!!! How to do all that in 2 months?! Ok, let me list down what has yet to be done…

  • Receive Invites – Reception done, Ceremony by end of this month.
  • Write Invites – waiting for Ceremony cards to come in from JB.
  • Send Out Invites – 2 months before Wedding (which means by May).
  • Create Guestbook – most probably gonna be a last minute DIY (anyone wants to help with this?).
  • Song List – someone to arrange our songs for Reception (anyone can help with AV?).
  • Table Arrangement for Reception – not looking forward to this.
  • Plan Reception Timeline – also not looking forward to this.
  • Pre-Wedding Videography – filming end of this month.
  • Collect and Alter Saree – in June (as advised by Sales Rep).
  • Tailor-Make Shine’s Suit – he says 6 weeks before wedding (not late meh?).
  • Food Tasting – in May.
  • Go for Marriage Counselling – counselling of any kind makes me nervous.
  • File Application for Marriage – 3 months before Ceremony.
  • Arrange Ceremony Rehearsal – 1 month before?
  • Book Honeymoon Flight – cheap rates, where are you?
  • Dress Fitting – 1 month or 2 weeks before Ceremony.

Can all this really be done in a matter of 3/2 months? It sounds like a shitload of stuff to do! The invites sound like they’ll take up all of those months what with the visiting of house to give the cards, the asking of addresses, mailing and then, getting the response. As it is, I don’t know if people will remember the date and time of our ceremony.

No matter what happens, I’ll be optimistic by telling myself that even if 3/4 of our guests decides to show up late, the sound system screws up or some people decide to write rude remarks on our guestbook, I’m still going to marry my best friend and all these stressing out will be over.

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