50 Shades of Me

Write a note with 50 random things, facts, thoughts, habits, or goals about you.

  1. My name is Isabelle Rosta.
  2. I’m half Malay and half Ceylonese.
  3. I am my parents’ first child out of their 4 children.
  4. My Western horoscope is the Libra. My Chinese horoscope is the Ox.
  5. I was born and raised in Singapore.
  6. My Mother Tongue is Malay but I’m as good as not knowing it at all.
  7. I am right-handed and right-brained.
  8. I am near sighted.
  9. I only wear Grey coloured contact lenses.
  10. I have a nose piercing and belly piercing but the latter is closed up now.
  11. I believe in fairies and mermaids.
  12. I share the same birthday as Monica Belluci.
  13. My favourite Disney Princess is Cinderella. She made me believe that you can find love even in rags and a hopeless state.
  14. I am an animal lover.
  15. I seldom drink (alcohol) now. But I cannot resist cocktails especially Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Malibu.
  16. But I don’t smoke.
  17. I suffer from Endometriosis and have had two surgeries.
  18. I am a certified Make-Up Artist and proud of it.
  19. I am a licensed Singapore Tourist Guide and proud of it.
  20. I cannot ride a bicycle. I know, its quite pathetic.
  21. I hate cockroaches and grasshoppers. They freak me out big time.
  22. I hate onions and bean sprout in my food.
  23. I am a sucker for flowers. But roses are my favourite.
  24. I am obsessed with Sex and the City. I can never get sick of re-watching all 6 seasons and both movies.
  25. I love the sun, sand and the sea. I’m at my happiest when I’m basking by the beach, the sand on my feet with the sound of the waves.
  26. I’m an emotional shopper. I shop when I’m happy. I shop when I’m depressed. I shop when I’m angry. My shopping expense depends on my mood.
  27. I was bullied throughout my school years.
  28. My favourite subject in school was History.
  29. I love looking at architecture and old buildings.
  30. My favourite ice-cream flavour is Vanilla.
  31. I love Louis Vuitton bags. I need hope to have a collection of them.
  32. I love to travel and document my journey. You can check out my Travelogue.
  33. I love shimmery eyeshadow. I hardly ever use matte palettes.
  34. I need my lingerie to match, always. No one can see them but I’ll know. Matching lingerie brings out my inner Victoria Secret Angel.
  35. I am a meat lover, not so much of a seafood person and especially not a vegan.
  36. I am not anorexic or bulimic. I have high metabolism rate. Its hard for me to put on weight which makes the masses envious.
  37. I cannot stand the cold. I’m fine in hot weather but I’ll die if it gets too cold.
  38. I have a distinct birthmark on my left cheek. I’ve been told to remove it but it gives me an identity.
  39. I am very self conscious about my skin.
  40. I am a bookworm and find solace in libraries.
  41. Contrary to what most people think, my favourite colour is not pink. Its the trademark Tiffany blue. Because its the colour of dreams.
  42. I’m afraid of fire. I have a distant memory of my kitchen catching a huge fire and my mother was stuck inside. My fear of fire is part of the reason why I don’t smoke.
  43. I cannot cook to save my life. I hate starting the stove due to my fear of fire. The only appliance that I really need in a kitchen is the microwave.
  44. I am terribly stubborn but very soft hearted. They are both my best and worst traits.
  45. I almost lost my will to live therefore I have major trust issues.
  46. I think my friends are actually angels without wings.
  47. And I think my Shine is my guardian angel.
  48. My biggest dream is to get married and have a happy family of our own.
  49. I believe God gave me a second chance to relive my life.
  50. My favourite scent in the world is of my Shine. Chanel No. 5 comes in second.
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Isabelle is the editor behind Love Bella Vida, a Singapore Lifestyle Blog. Thank you for your continued support. Should you wish to collaborate, feel free to get in touch.

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