Happy Anniversary Love Bella Vida

I know I’m off my regular schedule by posting this but I have to write this down. You see, for a few years now, I’ve been waking up to this notification by WordPress on this day (14th February) smiling secretly to myself because I think it’ll be silly to put it out there and then, I’ll forget about it altogether. But today, as I logged into WordPress and got greeted by this notification, I think I should just spill it.
It’s my 5th year blogging. In many aspects, I think my blog is still a baby because I still have so much to learn to make it grow. But wow, 5years has gone by since I started this. I can still remember sitting in the Fort Office staring at the ‘Sign Up’ screen feeling like I’ve just walked on skeletons and survived a war. It was Valentine’s Day 2012 and the date made me want to throw up. “Enough“, I told myself. I didn’t want this date to be something I would fall sick over for the rest of my life. “I have to find a way to make this… different“. So, I signed up on 14th of February so that it wouldn’t mean ‘Valentines Day’, it would mean ‘The day I started my life over’. I wanted to call this blog La Bella Vita which means My Beautiful Life in Italian but it was obviously already taken (this was before I learned about Key Word Optimization and SEO). So I twisted the words into Love Bella Vida and made it my own. About a week later, I wrote my very first blog post.

Not many people understand why I blog. I get asked a whole lot what this (my blog) is and what the hell I am doing sharing my life on the World Wide Web for the universe to see. So it has invited some speculation. To address some of the questions, let me tell you that I’m not blogging to show off/make fast money/to be famous/etc. If you think you can just create a blog and have a massive amount of fans for you to show off to/make billions of dollars/become famous, I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re gonna be up for a major disappointment. I’ve been blogging for 5years and I can barely make a full-time or any income from this. Would I be lying if I say I do not want to see my blog grow and become a successful brand? Yes. But the goal here is not money or fame. It is to commemorate the girl who almost lost her life but didn’t give up. It is to make sure I honour her fight to survive by making new memories and writing her story. Ultimately, it is to prove to any broken soul out there to never give up, I promise it’ll get better.

My Life Achievements in the Past 5 Years:

  • Attained a Diploma in Makeup Artistry.
  • Worked for one of the world’s most coveted brands in the Beauty industry.
  • Survived another surgery.
  • Became a licensed Singapore Tourist Guide.
  • Got Engaged and getting married!
  • Purchased our home and waiting to move in!

In the Past 5 Years, I have Travelled to:

  • Maldives
  • Bangkok
  • Kanchanaburi
  • Beijing
  • Taipei
  • Athens
  • Santorini
  • Paris

Visit my Travelogue for all my travel stories.

Happy Anniversary Watie, congratulations and thank you for the 5 amazing years. Cheers to many more to come.

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Isabelle is the blogger behind Love Bella Vida, a Singapore Lifestyle Blog covering reviews, guides and her personal journey.

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10 responses to “Happy Anniversary Love Bella Vida”

  1. I get what u mean by the speculation… I got that with my YouTube channel by Friend.. They don’t see why I waste my time… But it’s all right not everything can be explain… Life is short, as Long it’s something that bring joy to us, I don’t think we owe anyone any explanation… 😀

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  2. OMG!! Congratulations babe!! I honestly hope I can last as long as you did…many times faced with roadblocks but yes I totally understand the part where you feel life gets better when you write down your memories…oh and I’m excited to see your new home and how you will decorate it…if you are giving a e-tour that is…

    Liked by 1 person

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