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So since some of you have asked me about my nails, I will write down the details of my experience with Esboudoir Nails.

Note: I am NOT sponsored for this post (I wish), I paid in FULL for their services, hence, everything that is written here is 100% my own honest opinion.

I decided to have Esboudoir do my nails for my Wedding Photo Shoot because I use patronize them way back about 7 years ago and really liked the end results. So I figured that it will be a safe option to stick to a place I already knew and loved. I stopped patronizing for a long while because I couldn’t afford their services any longer, did my own nails and indulged at other nail parlours closer to home. But I always had Esboudoir at the back of my head and thought I will fulfil my wish of having my nails done here when I get married.border

Ambience: 8/10
I loved the ambience, in fact,it is still as clean and well maintained as I remembered it to be, not musty at all  like some complacent nail parlours tend to be after many years in operation. Décor is minimal but very classy and private unlike, again, some nail parlours that are so open, anyone that walks pass can see you getting your dirty feet scrubbed like a zoo animal and (God forbid), your Opened Coffee Shop. The music is relaxing, no Chinese Radio channel or any pop music, just relaxing melodies that will put you at ease which is what I look forward to when I go for spas, facials or mani/pedicures.

Service: 7/10
I would say that their service was good but not excellent. The manicurists were hard working but weren’t very warm which I’m totally fine with as long as they are not rude and deliver good results which they did deliver in the end. However, I was quite disappointed that Esboudoir did not provide the Unicorn Nail Art or Metallic Nails that is trending now because they did not have specific equipment for them. I wanted to apply them on my ring fingers to make my Engagement Ring pop in photos but oh wells, I guess these flowers will do. May be those trends hasn’t reach our shores yet.

Price: Expensive $$$

Bio Base + Flexi (10 Fingernails) – $30
Classic Gel Manicure – $68
Classic Gel Pedicure – $80
Gradation (10 Fingernails) – $30
Nail Art (2 Fingernails) – $24

I felt a pinch in my pocket paying for this but considering that I wanted pretty solid nails that will last me the next few months until our wedding in July, SGD $232 is actually pretty worth it. However, I have been to nail parlours that don’t charge as much for Gradation and Nail Art which I am quite bumped out about and also that it wasn’t the exact idea I had in my mind (unicorn horns *sobs).

Verdict: 7/10
I would still visit Esboudoir in the future for the VIP ambience and the gorgeous outcome but I might consider looking for a nail parlour that has the equipment for up-do-date/trending nail art or that won’t charge as much for gradation/nail art.

Esboudoir Nails, #02-227 Vivo City, 1 Harbour Front Walk, Singapore (098585)
Tel: +65 6275 2868

Open Daily: 1000 – 2100borderI hope this review has been helpful. Do let me know your views on the comment section below or if you would like to recommend your favourite nail parlours that I can check out. Thanks dolls and have an awesome day.

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