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How I Use Social Media Platforms

Social media has changed our lives. Whether you’re up in some mountain (if you can still reach wifi signal) or sipping a Pina Colada in a tropical island paradise, your fingers will be itching to tell your friends, family and followers what you’re up to via the platform you’re most comfortable with (don’t deny it, you know you’re guilty). On this post, I’ll touch on my most used platforms and how I use them.

I’ve been blogging actively for 2years now. Well, sort of active… if you consider posting once a week active. The blog is growing quite well, slowly but steadily. It’s a lot of work maintaining the blog; from creating content to editting photos to promotion and not to mention building a following on social media! Of course, this blog didn’t just grow by me posting some random crap once every few months, sit on my ass and expect it to grow, I had a lot of help from promotions through my social media platforms which I feel my friends/readers are more engaged on.

PS: I do not like calling my readers ‘fans’. The term ‘fans’ irritates me. In my opinion, it is only reserved for bloggers with millions of followers. Even if I ever reach that status (I wish), I will never have the nerve to refer to readers as ‘fans’. They’re friends to me because they’ve been giving me support and keeping up with my life throughout the years that I’ve been online.

Although there are many platforms out there now, you don’t have to be on every one of them. I’m currently on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest. These are a handful to keep up with honestly. So although I’m on various platforms, I just focus on 3 platforms with the most engagement. I’m most active on Facebook, Instagram and still working on building my Twitter at the moment and here’s why.

Instagram – This is where I get the most engagement with likes and comments and a handful of them converted into blog readers. Instagram help get my name out there to small companies who’ve seen my pictures. It’s like a mini portfolio of my life so I’m quite anal when it comes to how I style my photos and how my feed looks. No grainy blurry photos, only pretty or interesting details, save the random snapshots for Snapchat or personal FB account. Gone were the days where I can just post a picture of my cat, choose a filter (valencia 😂), try on a new frame, post and get 9 likes. How did Instagram get so rigid and merciless; who came up with these rules? I know it’s really all in my head. But if you’re intending to make your blog your business, you’ll have to build your brand. And to get people to follow you, they’d have to like (yup, like) what they see. My Instagram is my micro-blog so my post relates to my life and job – little tid bits of Singapore, my outfits, favourite places, food and mini product reviews.

Follow me on Instagram.

Facebook – I recently became more active on my FB Page since I realise I got mosts of the views on my blog through Facebook compared to all of my other social media websites. So I started using my page like a blog newsletter of sorts. Plus, it’s the only platform that allows me to collate every other platform in one place – I can integrate my Instagram pictures to my wall, show snippets from Snapchat and link to my latest blog posts. To make it more fun, I like to share my personal fashion and beauty tips to my readers. I even tried going Live! on my birthday for the first time and was so impressed by the response, I might actually do it again. Facebook is afterall the Godfather of all social media platforms so everyone and their moms (literally!) has Facebook so it’s much easier to reach out to family and friends who will help you share your posts (thank you!). I join FB groups of my interests to learn new things, make new friends and share my blog content.

Like the page on Facebook.

Twitter – I use to be on here a lot but in the past year, my time on here became a lot less mainly because the interaction I use to get from Twitter dwindled. I made an account way back in 2009 which got hacked into 2years later. Twitter use to be a source of release for me; where I would tweet about my opinion on things, when I’m bored and especially when I’m pissed, lol! I am a very expressive person even with the use of only 140 words in a sentence. Hence, it has created a lot of drama for me in the past and I guess that was how the majority found out how blunt I can really be. Since my email and Twitter got hacked into, I made a new account @lovebellavida followed by the blog. Now I use it to promote my blog links and the occasional quotes and retweets. I still do voice my thoughts there once in a while.

Chat with me on Twitter.

Snapchat – This one surprised me as I never thought I would actually bother using Snapchat. Turns out, I’m actually more comfortable being silly on it and my readers now know the more real side of me. No edits, no holding back and it’ll only be on your storyboard for 1day and it’ll be gone! I come on it with no makeup sometimes, try on new filters, run away from cockroaches, go jogging, show off my dinner or do hauls/reviews on Snapchat. It’s so easy and it requires much less work than Instagram, YouTube or blogging. And it’s a better form of release than Twitter because whatever you say will be gone by tomorrow, lol. But since the launch of Instastory, engagement with my friends on Snapchat dwindled. But still, you can’t help checking out what the latest filter is everyday (my favourite is the reindeer).

Laugh along with me on Snapchat lovebellavida.

Pinterest – One that I’m least active on but still need mainly as my personal scrapbook of inspirations and ideas. I do have a board of my blog posts for readers to pin and share too.

Be inspired with me on Pinterest.

YouTube – I am by all means not a Vlogger… yet, at least. I consider my YouTube videos as an extension to my blog and have embed most of my videos into blog posts and/or uploaded them onto Facebook for sharing. That is why I don’t promote my channel as I consider my blog as the channel and do not want my viewership going astray until I start making videos more regularly.

So there you have it, all my social media platforms in a nutshell. How many platforms are you active on and how has it affected your life? Share your thoughts and links in the comments below if you’d like for me to check out your page or follow you back.

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