Prashant Residence

Building Progress: The Foundation

Omg!!! 😱😱😱

This picture was posted by our neighbour on our neighbourhood Facebook Group chat.

The last I updated on our BTO building progress, it was in February and was just a flat land then. Now, I can see our block!!! It’s the one on the bottom right hand corner that has the ground floor already visible 😭❤. So fast!!! And this picture was posted like 2 weeks ago so more progress may have already been up.

Thank you to our kind neighbours for close up pictures of our homes, sure beats trying to get the perfect shot from a moving MRT! If everything goes well (and fast), we can expect to see our homes around late 2018 maybe?

Building Progress:
Part 1

Prashant Residence

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3 thoughts on “Building Progress: The Foundation

  1. this is not taken from a moving mrt. if you look across you will see the MRT track.
    I’m also looking forward to it..for an update pics… will post it on FB… when i’m accepted.


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