What is Fashion?

What is Fashion? Who decides what is in trend? Is it fashion designers or celebrities? What the latest It Girl is posting on Instagram? Or what every fashion magazine features on their articles? Who determines what’s Hot this season and what’s Not? Do we need to be loaded with cash to be fashionable?

I asked myself these questions when I was an awkward teenager finding out what my style was. I went from wearing $10 Pasar Malam graphic T-Shirts to DIY beaded necklaces. Then, I experimented with surf wear (although I’ve never surfed in my life) and bikinis. Later, I discovered the beauty in designer goods. Growing up with fashion magazines as my bible did help but I wasn’t able to go out and buy everything they featured because I couldn’t afford things with my $2 per day allowance. So, I learned to save like crazy or make do with what This Fashion had to offer. And when I started working, I was finally able to save for designer goods. As I grew older, my style evolved and I took bits and pieces of what I’ve learnt throughout the years and made it my own. I learned to have a trained eye for what looks good on a budget and what was overpriced high-end garbage.

Today, I enjoy thrifting for clothes, discovering valuable vintage jewelry and mixing them with my Louis Vuitton and Prada. Fashion doesn’t need to be expensive rather, its an expression of who you are. I don’t have a particular style, I wear what I feel like wearing on that day. You can always look for inspiration from models/designers/magazines/celebrities but don’t let them dictate your style.

Here is my Lookbook for a compilation of my outfits or you can visit Instagram for #OOTD.

Be the Anna Wintour in your life. You get to curate your wardrobe. Anyone can tell you what to wear but you get to decide what you’re gonna walk out in today.

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