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As you can see from my Instagram, I have developed a new love for shopping at vintage boutiques and thrift stores. No, I am not in any credit card debt if that is what you’re thinking but in case you are, you might find this post useful.

I have always been intrigued about the European fashion scene and their street wear. I love studying what they don on and where they get their clothes from. You’ll be surprised that most who attend Fashion Week usually have at least one vintage item on them along with their designer garbs. Some are even covered from head to toe vintage. These items are either passed down from their parents/grandparents or thrifted from consignment stores. Unfortunately for me, I do not have any hand-me-downs from my mother. So if I want a special vintage piece, I have to go get them myself. And that is how I started my mission for finding my own vintage and ‘Fashion Week Worthy’ pieces to add to my wardrobe.

During the process of hunting for vintage clothes, I have also been lucky to find other non-vintage clothing at the thrift shop at really affordable prices. So here at some of the pieces I’ve collected over the past two months since I’ve started my mission. I’ve listed the prices and matched the garment with the accessories to help complete the outfit.border
Italian Cashmere Turtleneck Top, $4.
Vintage Clip-On Wooden Earrings from Japan, $18.

One of the first things I’ve ever thrifted was this cashmere top from my favourite thrift store, New2U. My love for turtlenecks made me pick it up and realising that the label indicated “100% Italian Cashmere” made my eyes almost pop. Check every inch of it to find a fault but it was absolutely perfect! It’s a little too stuffy to wear it here in Singapore (probably why the previous owner must’ve donated it) but it’ll make a great companion for a trip to somewhere chilly. An excuse for me to travel.

These Wooden Earrings are now one of my prized pieces, ranking in the same spot as my Chanel and YSL and it doesn’t cost even a quarter of the price. Its from an era that was around or earlier than the 70s that I got from Dustbunny Vintage and it really amused my mother because she use to wear earrings like these herself. As for how they match with my outfit, they are incredibly versatile and can be worn with my glasses without looking too overpowering.

Safari Print Top, $4.
Yellow Indian Umbrella Earrings, $5.

This Safari Print Top is not a designer piece and the material was just synthetic fabric but I picked it up because its prints screamed for my attention. It reminds me of Louis Vuitton’s Men SS17 Collection by Kim Jones. I love animal prints but the non-tacky types (like hot pink leopard prints, eek!). After picking this up, a few of the ladies in the thrift store started tailing me to see if I’ll put it down (they were having a half price sale that day). Its fully buttoned but translucent so I’ll have to wear it over a tank top on a nice sunny day.

These Indian Umbrella Earrings from Little India I got with the intention of wearing them with traditional outfit but it turn out to go really well with some of my other non-traditional clothes too.

Vintage Dress from Japan, $18.
Long Brass Chain from Forever 21, $12.

I found this Vintage Pink Silk Dress while browsing through the rows of shops in Haji Lane. It was on discount along with a few other vintage and inspired dresses. I picked this one because the label on the back of the dress was a giveaway that it was a legit old piece but the dress itself looks like it was never worn. I love the shade of pink and the little details like the buttons and subtle design on the dress. To top it off, it fit me perfectly, like it was meant to be.

I know this isn’t exactly vintage or thrifted but I like that it has that antique-inspired design that matches well with many of my clothes, modern and vintage. F21 has really well-made accessories in my opinion and at a very affordable price. I have a pair of Boho/African-inspired earrings from 2005 that I’ve worn to almost every beach party in my life and I still wear them today 10 years on (not for clubbing anymore though, lol). So I have no qualms about getting brass accessories from F21, they last a life time. Who knows they’ll be vintage one fine day?

Versace for H&M from 2011 Collaboration, $10.

This is one of my best thrift scores, a Versace for H&M from their 2011 collection. Never got a chance to buy any straight from H&M then, never expect to find this frilly heart dress, the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, from a thrift shop for only $10! It is in perfect condition and fits nicely on me too! What are the odds? Grabbed it, gasped and didn’t let it out of my grasp. Will be great to wear for a cocktail party.

borderSo shopping for less isn’t so bad after all right? You don’t have to be rich to look good and ‘cheap clothes’ don’t necessarily look cheap if you know how to shop. Some people can make a $12 top look like its $1200 while some make a $1200 top look like its $12. Its not about how much your clothes cost but how you rock it. Really proud of my new purchases and I’m hooked on the hunt! Hope to find more special pieces and I hope this has inspired you to find for your own special pieces for less too.

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