2015 Highlights

As 2015 comes to an end and we usher in a new year, everyone is busy making resolutions, buying a new planner, getting a new haircut while your Instagram feed is spammed with friends posting their ‘most liked’ or best moments of the year. So here is my contribution.

This year was a relatively good year for me and quite an eventful one.

2015 Highlights

  • Quit Estee Lauder.
  • Went to Greece with Shine.
  • Went to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Cinque Terre and Amsterdam with my siblings.
  • Enrolled into the Professional Licensed Tourist Guide Course.
  • Ballot and got our Canberra Eastlink flat.
  • Fabulously turned 30.
  • Shine proposed –  we’re engaged!
  • Dyed my hair Ombre (finally, omg).
  • Had my first Christmas with his family.

I’m hoping that 2016 will be a good year for Shine and myself as it will be the year we will be planning our wedding (finally). It will be a big year for my family because my sister will be getting married in October. I’m also nervously awaiting my next exam with STB and hope to get my license and start guiding. And of course, I’m hoping to get more exposure for the blog. Lets have that on a list.

2016 Plans

  • Plan our Wedding.
  • Get Tourist Guide License.
  • Get exposure for Love Bella Vida.

May look simple but each of these points need a lot of work, time and effort put into them and thinking about them makes me nervous. I use to be the girl with a long list of resolutions (eg. hit the gym, travel to ‘mention country’, etc) but realistically, I know that I can’t achieve everything. I may also have to give travelling a miss in 2016 as we’d have to save for our wedding the following year.  And as for my blog, its been receiving a steady flow of traffic mainly through my social networking sites. I’m hoping in 2016, with more updates on my life and with your constant support, I’m able to reach my blogging goals. I’ll write about my wedding and blogging plans on a separate entry.

Every year that passes, I look back at them and feel really amazed at how much can be achieved in just one year. How much my life has changed since I created Love Bella Vida in 2012.

With that note, let me end the year with a quote with me nostalgically staring out into the crowd below at Park Guell, Barcelona.

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Isabelle is the blogger behind Love Bella Vida, a Singapore Lifestyle Blog covering reviews, guides and her personal journey.

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