Style Icon: Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel has got to be one of the most inspiring women; a fashion icon known for her big frame glasses and an eccentric style, she is a business woman and an interior designer; is the face of a MAC collection, has her own line of handbags and jewellery, a regular guest at New York Fashion Week and has a documentary, ‘Iris’ that premiered at the New York Film Festival.

What makes her truly inspiring though is her outlook on life. At the age of 93, instead of curling into a ball, she celebrates her life. I was always afraid of growing old. But looking at Iris, I realise that age is only a number and that you can still achieve your goals and wear what you like no matter how old you are.

Someday, when I am older and I feel frumpy, I’ll read this post to remind myself that it is never to late for anything; hopefully over a glass of wine and my own big framed glasses. And I hope you too.borderimageimage

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