100 Reasons Why I Love Shine

An old picture of us making silly faces taken in 2013.

  1. He is a caring man.
  2. His gorgeous smile.
  3. His dark tanned skin.
  4. He fights off cockroaches for me.
  5. He wishes me good morning with a verse every morning.
  6. He doesn’t control me.
  7. He doesn’t stop me from upgrading my skills.
  8. He lets me make my own decisions.
  9. He left behind his ‘wild life’ when he met me.
  10. He says I’m beautiful even when I look like crap.
  11. He will always remind me how ‘Belle’ means beautiful.
  12. He is always keen to try out new things together.
  13. His patience.
  14. His intelligence.
  15. He is motivating and encouraging.
  16. He makes sure I take my medication.
  17. He massages my aching feet.
  18. He snores with me.
  19. He loves to shop.
  20. He is my personal shopping advisor.
  21. He is my personal trainer.
  22. He is my personal repair man.
  23. He is my personal photographer.
  24. He is my GPS.
  25. He is my walking calculator.
  26. He is my walking dictionary.
  27. His forehead kisses.
  28. When he tickles me with his beard.
  29. When he combs my hair.
  30. His goatee and other funky beard designs.
  31. He would let me swatch colours on his hand when there is no more space on mine at Sephora.
  32. He would carry my heavy bags without having to ask.
  33. He lets me wear his jacket when I’m cold.
  34. His scent.
  35. He smells so good in Dior Fahrenheit.
  36. He is always handsome in a suit.
  37. He cooks for me.
  38. He feeds me.
  39. He makes sure I bite into the food before he eats.
  40. We are both meat lovers.
  41. His sad face, makes it impossible to stay angry at him.
  42. He makes me laugh.
  43. His laughter.
  44. He brings me to museums.
  45. He knows my favourite drinks.
  46. He knows my happy food.
  47. He remembers the perfume and lipstick colours I wear.
  48. He listens when I talk about fairies and mermaids.
  49. He listens when I talk about documentaries I’ve watched and history.
  50. He waits for me to come home every night before going to sleep.
  51. He reads my blog diligently.
  52. My family loves him.
  53. My friends love him.
  54. His lovable family.
  55. His bear hugs.
  56. He doesn’t say how much he loves me but he shows it.
  57. His lips will always catch my lipstick colour no matter its staying power.
  58. He wipes away my lipstick stains.
  59. He wipes away my tears.
  60. He likes to surprise me (but sometimes fails, lol).
  61. He lets me hide under his T-shirt.
  62. He lets me wipe my stained fingers on his jeans.
  63. He lets me whisper ‘Meow’ or ‘Piggy’ songs and laugh so people will wonder what we’re talking about.
  64. He secretly likes it when I annoy him.
  65. Our personal jokes.
  66. Our personal gossip sessions.
  67. He downloads movies and TV shows for me to watch.
  68. He’ll watch Hindi movies with me.
  69. He’ll watch documentaries with me.
  70. He made me an Arsenal jersey so we can wear them together.
  71. He thinks I’m his lucky star.
  72. I think he’s my lucky star.
  73. He tries his best to travel with me when he can.
  74. He often puts me before himself (and it breaks my heart sometimes).
  75. He buys me things he feels I need even when I say he doesn’t have to.
  76. He stood by me through my surgery.
  77. He tolerates my mood swings.
  78. He is probably the only person who can handle me when I get scared.
  79. He can (eventually) calm me down.
  80. His giving nature; always helping people who are in need.
  81. Donations, surveyors, tissue-aunties, anyone always approach him, he sends out a good aura.
  82. Animals love him.
  83. Babies love him.
  84. Elderlies love him.
  85. People and everything just loves him.
  86. His voice, especially when he sings. But he hates it.
  87. His commando stories.
  88. We have similar taste in music.
  89. We have similar taste in décor.
  90. His tattoos of an angel and the sun – my guardian angel and my sun.
  91. He accepts me for who I am, flaws and all.
  92. He believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.
  93. He found me when I couldn’t find myself.
  94. Truly the man with the biggest heart I’ve ever known.
  95. He is my Sunshine – he brightens up my life.
  96. He is my father-figure, my other sister, one of my best-friends and everything rolled into one.
  97. He is perfectly imperfect.
  98. He is always there for me.
  99. He showed me what true love really is.
  100. He is my soulmate; we’re made for each other.
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