How to Enjoy Running

Recently, I’ve started going for runs around my neighbourhood. To be honest, I was never someone who liked doing any form of sports. But due to the state of my health and my roller coaster mood from my medication, I decided to take up yoga and running to calm my nerves. I’ve decided to put together a post for newbies like myself on how I began and keep motivated. Please note that I am not at all an expert on fitness, health or sports, I am merely sharing my experience.

Let’s begin with what I need to go for my run.

  • Running Shoes: I had Shine help me pick out the right shoe because I didn’t know the difference between a tennis shoe from a running shoe. The only choice I knew how to make in this department was the design and colour.
  • Socks: For comfort and hygiene while running. I chose to go for a pair of ankle socks.
  • FBT Shorts: Or any airy shorts. If you do not want to show off your legs, a long pants will do too.
  • Sports Bra: To keep your boobies in place. You can run around in your regular bra but it may not give you the right support which will result in unsightly jiggling tatas and it’ll hurt. You’ll need a sports bra.
  • Sports Top: Any regular t-shirt will do too as long as it’s comfortable. I’m just vain.
  • Earphones: To listen to music while you run.
  • Sunblock: Depending on the time you decide to run. Whenever there is a little hint of sunlight, I apply sunblock to prevent pigmentation.

In general, besides the running shoes and sports bra, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. A cute running outfit is a great way to motivate me to run.
Warm up before running, never neglect it. Try to spend at least 10 minutes stretching your legs, feet and shoulders to allow your muscles to adjust and loosen up. Not stretching before a run will result to muscle cramps.
Different people run for different purposes; some train for a marathon, some to lose weight. For me, it’s more to tone up. So instead of running around aimlessly, it’s good to give yourself a target from the distance to time. As I am not very strict with my regime, I decided to give myself an hour to run slowly at a constant pace around Jurong Lake pausing to walk when I need to catch my breath or have a seat to rest. If you are a beginner like me, start with a target that is comfortable to you and build from there. There is no need to run like a cheetah, jog slowly and take deep breaths.
enjoyrunmusicIMG_2345Put on some music! It’s my favourite way to get motivated especially when I’ve had a bad day or when I’ve added some new songs into my playlist, can’t wait to run so I can listen to my songs and be in my zone. Of course, don’t turn up the music so loud that you can’t hear the road and any signs of danger. I try to always keep my workout playlist to go on for an hour (my target), so I’ll know when I’m done for the day without having to constantly look at the time.
enjoyrunsceneryRun somewhere with a view! I’m quite lucky to have Jurong Lake Park just near my home. Jurong Lake Park links to Chinese Garden so when I’m feeling adventurous and when there’s a crowd heading there, I’ll join by running with them. But most days, I stick to my usual route by the bridge and jogging paths. I’m sure you have a nice park around your neighbourhood, take in the fresh air and the scenic view.Finally, don’t give up! Like everything else in life, results only show with diligence and time. Give yourself a schedule just for running, mark it on your calendar so it’s easier to track your progress and see how you can switch things around when you feel the need to. Have fun while you run. I don’t know about you but when things start to feel like a chore, I lose motivation so find ways to make running enjoyable for you.

These are the little things that keep me motivated to run. I hope it inspires you to keep fit too. What are the things that motivates you to run? Don’t be shy, feel free to comment and stay strong darlings!

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