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Best Friends Forever

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends, Zilin Tan!

I’ve known you for six years! You know they say if our friendship reaches the seven year mark, we will most likely be friends for the rest of our lives? As far as I feel, our friendship is already here for life considering what we have been through and how you’ve stood by me despite.

So what did our friendship go through? Let’s see, it all began on the western end of a little island off the shores from Singapore. That was in 2008. Since then, we’ve shared life and love stories late into the night on a 9.2″ Gun, exchanged juicy gossips enthusiastically  (with the addition of Nas, lol), fight alongside each other through our ‘little wars’, SBPs, buying my first LV bag, planning birthday parties, being my interpreter when I had ‘no mouth’ at Spook, singing shamelessly at karaokes, getting stuck in the lift at Syariah Court (lol!!!) then going shopping at Bugis right after that, Mookatas and Hai Di Laos, standing on the Great Wall of China together, riding the tuk-tuk in BKK and the Bei-Bei in Beijing, seeing me at my most unglamorous states, aiyo… this list is freaking endless! Imagine how we could’ve known each other earlier if we knew we were both working in Merlion back in 2006.

I think we didn’t speak for about a year. That was one miserable year. There were nights I thought to myself how much I missed you but don’t know if it’s too late to fix things back. I’m grateful we eventually did. And it was like it never happened. I guess that’s how you know if this friendship is for life – the kind that go through a rough storm but emerge back stronger than ever.

Was looking through old photos to make this collage (from all your FB albums, khehehe…) and realized that in almost all of them, we’ve been standing on the same sides! Freaky. For the past six years, we’ve been intuitively standing on our sides and I’ve only realized this now lol.

Love you Zizi! We will grow old and wrinkly together and compare who’s boobs are more saggy over Moscato in our cute little old folks home while Shine and Anthony still brag about their commando days together.

Happy Birthday Zizi! xoxo

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